Party Poker Unveils New Improvements

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Party Poker recently brought a fresh buzz to their online poker room as it has just undergone a major redesign to both the poker room’s lobby and the poker tables themselves. Party Poker remains committed to providing the best possible poker experience to its players and have proven this in their new and convenient design.

The poker lobby is often overlooked, as it only needs to be functional for quickly finding games, but Party Poker’s new design has increased a player’s ability to quickly find and enter the poker game of their choice. Some of the lobby’s new features are:

  • A Quick Seat Option that allows players to set preferences for game type and stakes, allowing the player to be seated almost instantly at their favorite games.

  • A Table Preview that allows players to see the action at a poker table within the poker lobby itself. This allows players to determine whether or not the game is right for them without having to open up the table for a closer look.

  • The streamlined design now allows players to see account information, the cashier, along with bonus and promotion information within the lobby, not having to search through various menus and tabs to find the information.

  • Resizable Lobby

  • Two different lobby views: list and browse. Both come with a variety of options to make finding a game easier.

  • Time Zone Support to make it easier for players to determine the start times of events. No more time calculations the players.

The poker tables have seen a vast array of improvements, starting with the new look to the players, cards, and action buttons. Everything is bigger, easier to see, and the graphics are more attractive. Some of the highlights of the new poker tables are:

  • Bigger and more conveniently located action buttons

  • Easier to use bet slider along with options to make min, ½ pot, ¾ pot, pot, and max bets.

  • Players may upload images or choose an image from the Party Poker library that will be shown at the table, adding a bit more personality to the tables.

  • New chat interface for better socializing

  • Improved note taking sections for more organized and more readable notes on the opposition.

A big focus of the redesign was to make multi-tabling more convenient for the players, allowing them to quickly open up new tables and switch between them with ease. This will make it less stressful for multi-tablers who sometimes will be frantically switching from table to table during fast-paced action. Some of the improvements to multi-tabling are:

  • Multiple tables can be opened at the same time from the lobby. This is done by holding ctrl down while selecting tables and then opening the selection of tables that have been chosen.

  • The Open New Table button allows players to instantly open another table similar to the table the player is currently playing on.

  • Hot Hand Alerts notify the players when something needs their attention, whether it be a large pot developing, being dealt a huge hand, or other similar can’t miss situations. Players can customize the Hot Hand Alerts as they see fit, getting notified of only the occurrences that are most important to the player.

  • Resizable tables, cascading and tiling options allow the players to view more than one table at a time and easily switch between them.

The Party Poker website has also undergone a major overhaul to reflect the new nature of Party Poker. To visit the party poker website and see their new designs go to We have exclusive deposit bonuses with party poker so if you are trying them out for the first time you can use the bonus code Pam15007 when signing up and you’ll receive a bonus of 30% up to a total of $150.

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