WCOOP Event #10

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1,288 players entered Event #10 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker, the $215 Razz event, but only eight would be fortunate enough to make the final table to compete for the title. When all was said and done it was dinho_style who walked away with a WCOOP bracelet and the first prize of $43,096.48.

The first elimination would come quickly after it took more than half an hour to eliminate the final table bubble. Raoeoiku was the short stack entering the final table and was knocked out at the hands of scottyno. The hand started with an ace showing for scottyno and a six showing for Raoeoiku. Raoeoiku would receive a king on fourth street while scottyno got a seven to accompany his ace. The betting would continue until Raoeoiku was all-in on sixth street holding Q-6 low while his opponent held a J-7 low. The last card would help both players, with Raoeoiku improving his hand to J-6-5-2-A, but it was not enough to defeat the 10-7-5-3-A of scottyno and Raoeoiku was gone in eight place, having earned $3,220.

Bad_beat_bud was the next to fall, doing so when his starting hand of 5-3-2 couldn’t live up to its potential as it ended up as J-8-5-3-2 which was just beaten by the J-7 low of likomaboy. The seventh place finish would award $3,992.80 to bad_beat_bud.

Scottyno found himself as the short stack and would be taken out in sixth place when his 10-7-5-4-A was beaten on the river by the 8 which gave SunTzu7076 a 9-8-7-6-3. Scottyno earned $4,894.60 for his sixth place finish.

Likomaboy took serious hit to his chip stack and could only call all-in when he received a 4 as his up card. Likomaboy would finish with a K-low while oneftwons had easily made a 7-low. Likomaboy exited in fifth place, richer by $5,796.

Txopt also found himself in dire straights as he had two bets left in his stack. Putting the rest of his chips I, txopt was doomed when oneftwons once again made a 7-low to knock out an opponent. Txopt’s fourth place finish was rewarded with $10,948.

SunTzu7076 pushed his chips into the middle after being dealt 8-6-7 and would finish with a 7-low, which would not be enough to survive as dinho_style had made the wheel, 5-4-3-2-A. SunTzu7076 would take home the third place prize of $16,744.

Oneftwons’s stack slowly shrunk over the course of heads-up play and in the final hand we would be all-in on fifth street due to the aggressive heads-up action. Oneftwons finished the hand with 10-9-8-7-2, which would fall to the 7-6-5-3-A of dinho_style.

Oneftwons earned $24,858.40 for his runner-up performance while dinho_style snagged the grand prize of $43,096.48.

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