WCOOP Event #11

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Event #11 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $320 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, and boasted a playing field 1,733 strong. The eventual winner was nothing but a number, 92848, who outlasted his eight opponents to take down the title.

Fedigan221 was the first player to take their leave of the final table and as one of the shorter stacks at the table pushed the remainder of their stack in on a flop of [Jc][5c][2d] while holding two pair and an open ended straight draw. Lucasino made the call with a pair of jacks king kicker and a king high flush draw. Lucasino would make a full house by the river, as well as hitting his flush to eliminate Fedigan221, who missed his low draw as well. Fedigan221 was the first to leave the final table, and did so with $7,278.60.

Fazy4, another shortstack, called his way to oblivion when his turned full house and low hand were beaten by astarisborn’s better full house and better low hand, eights full of sevens over sevens full of aces and 7 low over 8 low. Fazy4 exited in eighth place, richer by $10,398.

A_Ivanovich committed most of his chips preflop and then went all-in after the flop fell [8s][2s][2c]. A_Ivanovich held [Ac][Qh][6s][5d] for a low draw and overcards while 92848 was holding [As][4d][4c][3d] for two pair and the best possible low draw. The [10h] fell on the turn and the [8h] fell on the river to eliminate A-Ivanovich in seventh place and award him $15,597.

Lucasino was the next to fall, doing so when he called 92848’s reraise all-in while holding [Ac][Qh][Js][8c]. 92848 then revealed [Ah][As][Qd][10d]. The board would not deliver salvation to lucasino as it fell [Jd][7h][3c][Ad][7c] to give 92848 a full house. The sixth place finish was good enough to bring lucasino $20,796.

After raising big preflop The Omaholic then pushed his remaining chips in when the flop fell [Ks][Jd][10h]. The Omaholic only held a pair of twos with [As][4s][2d][2h] while astarisborn had flopped the nut straight with [Ad][Kd][Qs][4c]. No help came for The Omaholic on the final two cards and they were eliminated in fifth place for a payday of $25,995.

Gillete got into a raising war preflop with astarisborn and found himself and his [Ah][Ad][Qc][4h] all-in against astarisborn’s [As][10c][3h][2h]. The flop of [10h][8c][6c] brought a pair of tens to astarisborn, who would then hit two pair when the [2c] fell on the turn. An utterly unhelpful [7c] fell on the river and gillete was gone in fourth place, having earned $36,393.

A_zuzolo moved the rest of their chips in preflop against astarisborn, holding [Kh][Ks][9s][4d] while astarisborn held [As][9h][8d][2c]. Astarisborn would take the lead when the flop came down [Ah][Qh][Qd]. The [5s] on the turn and the [3s] on the river were no help to a_zuzolo, who exited in third place with $49,650.45.

Astarisborn held a 2:1 chip lead when heads-up play began, but 92848 would put up a great fight to take the lead and then start grinding down astarisborn’s stack. In the final hand astarisborn was all-in before the flop with [As][8s][7d][2h] and was facing 92848’s [Ac][9s][6d][2s]. 92848’s nine kicker would give him the victory after the board fell [Ad][Jc][4d][Ah][10d], giving both players a set of aces but the pot to 92848.

Astarisborn’s runner-up finish was rewarded with $66,547.20 and 92848’s victory granted $88,383 to go with his WCOOP bracelet.

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