WCOOP Event #13 $215 NLHE With Rebuys

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Event #13 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker had some Harry Potteresque magic, as Irdvoldemort would take down the tournament and $207,772.50. The $215 NLHE with Rebuys event attracted 2,234 players who would also fork over 2,635 rebuys and 1,524 add-ons to create a prize pool that would easily surpass the guarantee of $1 with a total of $1.278 million.

Final table play began with a bang as ACESEDAI, who entered with the third biggest chip stack, overplayed top pair with king kicker against moe32746 who had made a straight. ACESEDAI would collect $14,192.46 for finishing in ninth place.

TheKaas was next to fall, getting unlucky when Irdvoldemort’s K-Q overcame TheKaas’ A-Q when a king fell on the flop of [Kh][8d][8c]. The [Jh] on the turn and the [3h] on the river were no help and TheKaas exited in eight place, earning $23,014.80.

Sykoen would end up as the seventh place finisher when he took his [Ac][Qh] up against imcastleman’s [Ad][9d]. The flop of [7s][5s][3d] didn’t help imcastleman, but when the [Kd] fell on the turn and the [Jd] fell on the river, Sykoen’s hand would fall to the runner-runner flush. Sykoen would take home $35,800.80 as compensation for the seventh place exit.

BeLOWaBOVe found himself all-in after nitbuster pushed on a flop of [Kd][10h][9h]. BeLOWaBOVe showed [Qd][10d] for middle pair, but nitbuster revealed pocket aces. No help came on the [5d] turn and the [7h] river. BeLOWaBOVe received the sixth place prize of $48,586.80 as he left the table.

Omalos and imcastleman would be taken out in the same hand, finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Both players were all-in preflop and along with Irdvoldemort saw the flop fall [Ks][Qc][2c]. The [Jc] fell on the turn and the [Jd] fell on the river to bring the table to the showdown. Imcastleman held pocket sevens for two pair and omalos held [Ah][Kc] for a better two pair, but Irdvoldemort showed pocket queens for a full house to take the pot. Imcastleman earned the fifth place prize of $61,372.80 and omalos earned the fourth place prize of $74,158.80.

Nitbuster, who had held the chip lead through most of the final table would lose momentum and fall in third place after calling Irdvoldemort’s raise all-in with [As][Jc] only to see his opponent holding [Ad][Qh]. The board would not help nitbuster’s dominated hand as it fell [10s][6c][5s][8h][10h]. Nitbuster would take home $110,215.32 for the third place finish.

A long and grueling heads-up battle ensued between Irdvoldemort and moe32746, who started the battle nearly even in chips. Over the course of play the lead would switch several times but eventually moe32746 would find himself and his [9s][8h] on a flop of [9c][5s][5c]. Irdvoldemort held [7d][5d] for a set of fives which would hold up on the [2c] turn and the [4s] river.

Moe32746 earned $153,432 for his runner-up performance while Irdvoldemort earned a WCOOP bracelet and the victor’s prize of $207,772.50.

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