WCOOP Event #14 $320 Seven Card Stud

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Event #14 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker saw 627 players competing to win the $320 Seven Card Stud event. Mildred53 would take the title after crippling their opponent heads-up and then eliminating the runner-up tiffaniejoy with only a pair of twos.

The first player to exit the final table was lilletrold, who took his two pair up against SanibelSanta on sixth street, where the betting continued until lilletrold was all-in. Lilletrold showed queens up, but SanibelSanta was holding a better two pair, kings up to eliminate lilletrold. Lilletrold earned $3,291.75 for finishing in eighth place.

The next to fall was the short stack, AGame18, whose aggressive play got him in trouble when he found himself all-in with [Kd][5s][Ah][5h][4d] against tiffaniejoy’s [9c][9h][8h][10d][Jd], a pair of fives against a pair of nines. Tiffaniejoy would hit a queen on sixth street to make the straight and eliminate AGame18 in seventh place. AGame18 would take home $3,762 for their performance.

SanibelSanta fell in sixth place when his aces in the hole made two pair on sixth street. Unfortunately for SanibelSanta, the chip leader, adsonvonmelk, had made a straight. SanibelSanta would take home $4,702.50 for their sixth place finish.

After being crippled by adsonvonmelk, yhcaep moved all-in with [4c][7c][3s] and faced the [4s][6s][Ac] of tiffaniejoy. Tiffaniejoy would end up with a seven-high straight to easily defeat yhcaep’s pair of threes. Yhcaep exited in fifth place, richer by $5,643.

Fly high989 would finish in fourth place when he took his pair of eights up against adsonvonmelk’s pair of eights. Adsonvonmelk would make a second pair on the river to eliminate fly high989, who would collect $9,405.

The possibility of a deal was floated, but adsonvonmelk quickly shot it down, and as has been typical over the course of the WCOOP, was the next player to be eliminated. Adsonvonmelk faced tiffaniejoy in a hand where adsonvonmelk was all-in on fourth street with a pair of nines. Tiffaniejoy held a pair of twos and would make a second pair on the river to eliminate adsonvonmelk in third place, a finish that would earn adsonvonmelk $13,637.25.

Before heads-up play began Mildred53 and tiffaniejoy discussed making a deal again. With their chip stacks nearly even the two agreed to award $25,000 to each player, with the WCOOP bracelet and the remaining $3,608.50 awaiting the champion. The final hand occurred soon after Mildred53 decimated tiffaniejoy’s stack by making a straight flush on the river. In the final hand tiffaniejoy was all-in right away, holding [3c][7s][4s] and was up against Mildred53’s [Qc][Kd][3s]. Tiffaniejoy would not make even a single pair, which allowed Mildred53’s pair of twos to seal the victory.

Tiffaniejoy earned the agreed upon $25,000 for their runner-up performance while Mildred 53 took down the victor’s prize of $28,608.50 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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