WCOOP Event #15 $320 NLHE Heads-Up

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Event #15 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $320 No Limit Holdem Heads-Up and 2,048 players would enter for a chance to show off their heads-up skills. Huxfluxen would take home $89,744 after a final round deal with his opponent, pandaCHAN12.

Quarterfinal Matches:

Those who fell in the quarterfinals round would take home $16,896 for reaching so deep into the tournament.

Benba took out evilly when evilly moved all-in with [Ah][7c] before the flop and ran into Benba’s pocket sevens. The board did not bring an ace as it fell [Jh][10h][8d][Qc][3s] and evilly would go no further.

pandaCHAN12 advanced when his A-K was good enough to take out pokerjamers when the board fell [7c][5s][3s][Ah][3c], as pokerjamers was only holding a pair of fours. Benba and pandaCHAN12 would face each other in the semifinals.

In their match Huxfluxen and sqmpork went to the flop with minimal action, Huxfluxen holding K-6 and sqmpork pocket jacks. Huxfluen made a pair of kings on the flop of [Kc][7c][6h]. After the [4s] fell on the turn sqmpork went all-in and saw the bad news when Huxfluxen called. The [7h] that fell on the river was no help and sqmpork was eliminated.

The last match of quarterfinal play pitted Lucarelli against iFiNishfish. Lucarelli pushed all-in with [Ad][Jc] and held the lead over iFiNishfish’s [Qd][10h]. The board would overturn Lucarelli’s advantage as it fell [Qc][7h][5h][3d][Js] to give iFiNishfish a pair of queens. Huxfluxen and iFiNishfish would match up in the semifinals.

Semifinal Matches:

The two players who would fall in the semifinals would take home $33,792 for their excellent performances throughout the tournament.

Huxfluxen took care of business quickly against iFiNishfish, as the match lasted only eleven hands. iFiNishfish had seen his stack decimated and moved all-in preflop with pocket sevens. Huxfluxen made the call with [Jh][3h] and would get help when the flop fell [Kc][Jd][5d]. iFiNishfish was officially eliminated once the [4h] fell on the turn and the [10h] fell on the river.

Benba and pandaCHAN12 would duel for awhile before panaCHAN12 took the advantage. In the final hand of the match Benba raised with [Ad][10c] and called pandaCHAN12’s reraise. Benba moved all-in after the flop fell [Kh][4s][4c], but pandachan12 would show [Qh][4h] for a set of fours. The [6h] on the turn was no help and the [10c] on the river was too little too late for the eliminated Benba.

Final Match:

Before the match began Huxfluxen and pandaCHAN12 agreed to a deal that would pay each player $70,000 while leaving the WCOOP bracelet and an additional $19,744 for the winner.

The two combatants would battle for half an hour before the match saw its conclusion. pandaCHAN12 and his [Kd][10c] were all-in on a flop of [10d][6s][5s] against Huxfluxen’s [Qs][3s]. The turn card of [10s] would give Huxfluxen the flush and after the [Ah] fell on the river the tournament was over.

pandaCHAN12 won $70,000 for finishing in second place while Huxfluxen earned the victor’s prize of $89,744 and the WCOOP bracelet.

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