WCOOP Event #16 $215 Pot Limit Omaha

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Event #16 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $215 Pot Limit Omaha, where each of the 1,223 players allowed one rebuy and one add-on. Nine players, including Chris Moneymaker, would fight it out at the final table but it would be Andy McLEOD who would walk away with the victory.

Nolimitsuckz would be the first victim of the final table, moving all-in before the flop with both Andy McLEOD and Buonatirou seeing the flop with him. Andy McLEOD would make a set on the flop of [Jh][5d][5h] with his [Ah][Kh][9c][5c] and that would be good enough to hold off Buonatirou’s flopped two pair and win the pot. Nolimitsucks exited in ninth place, richer by $7,644.

Buonatirou would be the next to fall to Andy McLEOD, doing so when he moved all-in before the flop with his [Kc][Js][Jd][4c] and found himself up against Andy McLEOD’s [10s][9h][8c][7h]. The board would fall in Andy McLEOD’s favor as it read [6h][6s][2c][5h][10h] to give Andy McLEOD a flush and the pot. Buonatirou would take home $12,285 for his eighth place finish.

Moorman1 would be Andy McLEOD’s next victim. After heavy betting before the flop Moorman1 moved all-in after the flop came down [Ks][10d][5s]. Andy McLEOD held a pair of tens and was behind Moorman1’s pair of aces and nut flush draw. However, Andy McLEOD would make a second pair on the river to eliminate his opponent. Moorman1’s seventh place finish would be rewarded with $17,745.

Cuthbertt moved all-in against Chris Moneymaker, and both players would see the board holding pocket aces, [As][Ac][8c][3c] for cuthbertt and [Ah][Ad][Kc][5d] for Moneymaker. The board would fall [9h][7d][6d][8d][4s] to give Chris Moneymaker a flush and the victory. Cuthbertt finished in sixth place, earning $23,205.

Chris Moneymaker would exit in fifth place when he went up against the juggernaut that was Andy McLEOD. Moneymaker moved all-in on a flop of [9c][7s][3c] while holding [Ac][Qc][10s][3c] for low pair and a nut flush draw, and was facing the [Kc][Ks][5c][4d] of Andy McLEOD. The turn came down [5d] and the river came down [5s], neither of which helped Moneymaker, who would earn $28,665 for his fifth place finish.

Ravinesh had been the short stack entering heads-up play, but had survived simply because he was staying out of the way. He would finally fall at the hands of Andy McLEOD. Ravinesh was all-in preflop with [Ks][Kh][5c][4d] which faced up against Andy McLEOD’s [Jh][Jc][7s][2c]. The board was unfriendly to Ravinesh as Andy McLEOD would pick up a flush on the river. Ravinesh took home $40,950 for stretching his small stack to a fourth place finish.

The remaining three stacks were about even when a huge raising war ensued that ended with Svend svaerd all-in, westmenloAA folding after several raises, and Andy McLEOD calling the all-in. Svend svaerd held [As][Ah][Kh][5s] versus Andy McLEOD’s [Kd][Kc][10h][6c]. The flop would bring Andy McLEOD a flush as it fell [9c][3c][2c]. The turn of [10s] and the river of [5h] brought no help to Svend svaerd, who would exit in third place having earned $54,600.

The lead would change hands several times during heads-up play, but westmenloAA, also known as Isaac Baron, would fall to Andy McLEOD when he went all-in on a flop of [7c][3c][2d] while holding [Ah][Kc][Jh][10s] for ace-high. Andy McLEOD only held a marginally better hand with [Ad][Qs][Jd][2s] which had made a pair of twos. The [Qc] on the turn sealed the victory for Andy McLEOD and an irrelevant [4h] landed on the river.

Isaac Baron earned $70,980 for his runner-up performance while Andy McLEOD earned the WCOOP bracelet and the accompanying $98,280.

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