WCOOP Event #18 $215 HORSE

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Event #18 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $215 HORSE and 2,091 poker players forked over the buy-in to have a shot at winning the tournament. Final table play would commence after the elimination of professional poker player Barry Greenstein, and in the end it would be Sensor who would take down the tournament.

Final table play started out very slow, not because there was no action, but because one of the players, BabyJeebus99, was disconnected and allowed 25 seconds before each decision, a source of annoyance for the other players at the table.

The first elimination would occur during an Omaha Hi/Lo round, with BackdoorNutz moving all-in preflop with [As][10s][10h][2h]. tennisklause made the call with [Kh][Kd][9d][6c] and hit a set when the flop fell [Ks][5d][3h]. Running twos would finish off the board and finish off BackdoorNutz, who exited in eighth place with $4,809.30.

Rabscuttle would be the next to go, also falling during Omaha when he went all-in on a flop of [Ks][6c][5d] while holding [As][Jd][5s][2s]. Rabscuttle would also face tennisklause, who held [Ad][Ac][10c][7d]. No help came for Rabscuttle on either the [6h] turn or the [Qd] river and Rabscuttle was gone in seventh place, having earned $6,063.90.

Time was up for tennisklause, who had seen their stack crippled by Sensor and decided to move all-in during seven card stud with a starting hand of [Js][2s][10s]. Sensor called the all-in with [8h][7d][9h] and the two waited for the rest of the cards to come. Tennisklause received sixes on fourth and fifth streets, one of them giving the flush draw to increase tennisklause’s odds. However, Sensor saw two aces fall on fifth and sixth streets to give him the lead, and the [Qd] on the river was not one of the many outs that would have given tennisklause the hand. Tennisklause would collect $7,318.50 for their sixth place finish.

Obender was the next to fall to Sensor, as he pushed the rest of his chips into the middle when he received [Qs][6d][4c] in a seven card stud round. Sensor called with [9h][7h][5h] and would receive [7s][4d][Qc][Jd] to make a pair of sevens, which was good enough to defeat Obender’s hand which received [7c][2d][9c][Kc] for king-high. Obender was knocked out in fifth place for a payday of $8,573.10.

BabyJeebus99 would finally be blinded out in fourth place, where their account would receive $16,728.

After taking a few hits troyomac had to throw the rest of their chips into the middle during Omaha, receiving a call from Sensor. Sensor showed [7h][7s][2s][2h] while troyomac held [As][9s][5h][3h]. The board helped neither player as it fell [Ks][Qh][Jh][3h][Jc] and Sensor won the pot with his pocket sevens. Troyomac earned $25,928.40 for finishing in third place.

Sensor and LittleRedElf agreed to a deal before heads-up play began, with Sensor receiving $51,421.66 and LittleRedElf receiving $47,797.46. Still up for grabs were $6,000 and the WCOOP bracelet.

The tournament would be decided during seven card stud where the pot was constantly capped until LittleRedElf was all-in on sixth street. Both players had started the hand with split aces, but Sensor’s queen kicker would prove insurmountable, and Sensor would actually make two pair to finish the hand.

LittleRedElf took the agreed upon $47,797.46 for their runner-up performance while Sensor took home the WCOOP bracelet and $57,421.66.

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