WCOOP Event #21 $530 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

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525 players entered Event #21 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker, where the game was $530 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. In the end it was Mark Gregorich, who uses the screenname “weaktight,” as the winner. Gregorich is a well-known poker professional who was a coauthor of the Omaha Hi/Lo section of Super System 2.

The first player to fall at the final table was 7CardRyon, who was facing both The_Drow and aldenpogi when he was all-in. The_Drow would take the high pot with aces and deuces while aldenpogi would take the low pot with 8-7-4-3-A, leaving nothing for 7CardRyon, who would take home $5,250 for his eighth place finish.

Andy McLEOD, who had won Event #16, was the chip leader entering final table play, but he would see his stack disintegrate as he exited in seventh place. In his last hand he moved what little of his stack remained into the center on fourth street with a hand of [6c][8c][6h][10h] while Bad Beat Oz held [Jc][2h][2s][2c] for trip twos. Andy McLEOD would finish with two pair, eights and sixes with no low, which was not enough to survive. Andy McLEOD collected $6,562.50 for his seventh place finish.

Bad Beat Oz would continue adding to his stack when he eliminated The_Drow. The_Drow moved all-in on sixth street while showing [Ac][Jc][Qs][Js] with Bad Beat Oz showing [8s][Qc][Ah][9c]. However Bad Beat Oz held [Kh][Kd] in the hole while The_Drow only held [2h][4c]. The_Drow was in trouble and would receive an unhelpful [6s] on the river. The_Drow exited in sixth place, richer by $7,875.

CR00K would fall when they pushed the rest of their stack all-in on fifth street holding an unimproved hand of split eights. At the river aldenpogi was holding two pair, jacks and deuces, which was good enough to beat CR00K’s eights which had never improved. CR00K’s fifth place finish would be compensated with $9,187.50.

Bad Beat Oz had a huge chip stack for most of the final table, but started going into decline until he was one of two short stacks and moved all-in with [6d][5h][2h], obviously hoping for a low. Aldenpogi called with [6h][5s][4s] and the two waited to see what hands the remaining four cards would grant. Bad Beat Oz would only muster a pair of twos with no low while aldenpogi managed a pair of tens for the win. Bad Beat Oz earned $14,437.50 for his fourth place finish.

Sagwise was the other short stack and was all-in on fifth street in a hand against weaktight. Sagwise showed [10d][7d][6h][5d][Qd] for a diamond flush draw while weaktight revealed [4h][6d][3s][3h][Qh] for a pair of threes. The [10h] on sixth street gave Sagwise a better pair, but weaktight’s hand was not idle, as the [6c] gave him two pair. The [Ah] on the river was no help for Sagwise, who would take home $19,687.50 for his third place finish.

Aldenpogi proposed a deal at the start of heads-up play, but weaktight refused. The two competitors played it out for a while, and as the match drew on weaktight began to consider a deal. The two would finally agree to a chip-count deal paying weaktight $38,735.78 and aldenpogi $34,439.22. The winner would take an additional $4,000 and, of course, the WCOOP bracelet.

Weaktight would eliminate aldenpogi when the two made big hands. Aldenpogi would throw in the last of his chips on the river, where he had made a spade flush. Unfortuantely for him, the three tens that weaktight had been holding since fourth street grew into a full house on the river, and aldenpogi was eliminated as the runner-up finisher.

Weaktight would take home the $4,000 left for the winner according to the deal, along with the WCOOP bracelet.

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