WCOOP Event #22 $530 Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo

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Event #22 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $530 Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo, where play rotated between limit and pot limit Omaha Hi/Lo. There were 620 players participating in this event, but only one could win, and that one was BUCKIZ6.

Londolozi was the short stack entering final table play, but managed to survive thanks to several split pots. However, Londolozi’s luck would run out when they faced off against the chip leader, BUCKIZ6. BUCKIZ6 made a full house to knock out Londolozi, whose hand could not muster any low to salvage even a split. Londolozi exited in sixth place, richer by $9,300.

Iamaction was the next to fall, doing so when he moved all-in on a flop of [9h][5h][4h] while holding [Ad][Js][3h][2s] for a wheel draw. BUCKIZ6 made the call with [Qc][Jd][5d][4d] for two pair. No low cards would come for iamaction as the turn was the [Kc] and the river was the [Qd]. BUCKIZ6’s two pair would eliminate iamaction, who collected $15,500 for his fifth place finish.

Shortly after seeing their stack crippled by BUCKIZ6, lovesimi found themselves exiting in fourth place. Three players entered a pot that would be won by jamie2000, who held two pair, nines and tens, after the board fell [Jc][10h][9s][8c][As]. Lovesimi’s fourth place finish was rewarded with $21,700.

PieOhMy had seen their stack go on a roller coaster ride in three-handed play, up, down, up, down, but they would eventually see the stack diminished to the point where they were forced all-in preflop by BUCKIZ6 while holding [Ah][Qs][5s][2s]. BUCKIZ6 held [8d][7c][6s][6d], which was good enough to win with two pair, kings and sixes, when the board fell [Kd][5c][3c][9d][Kc]. PieOhMy would take home $31,000 for the third place finish.

BUCKIZ6 would emerge triumphant from heads-up play when he forced jamie2000 to put the last of their chips in on the turn of a board reading [Kh][8c][5h][9h]. BUCKIZ6 held [Kd][Kc][3c][2s] for a set of kings, a set that would turn into a full house when the [8s] landed on the river. Jamie2000 held [Ah][Js][5d][2c] for two pair, eights and fives, which were not enough to survive.

Jamie2000 collected $41,850 for their runner-up performance while BUCKIZ6, who held the chip lead from the beginning of final table play to the end of the tournament, earned the victor’s prize of $55,800 and the WCOOP bracelet.

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