WCOOP Event #24 $530 No Limit 2-7 Single Draw

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Event #24 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $530 No Limit 2-7 Single Draw, an event that was just introduced this year and drew a playing field of 308 players. This game requires a lot of nerve and a lot of skill, and luvgamble had both in abundance as he proceeded to take down the tournament.

Borisbäck entered the seven player final table with the second shortest stack and after taking a few early hits he would push all-in against luvgamble. Both players declined to draw and Borisbäck showed J-10-7-5-3. Unfortunately for him luvgamble was holding 9-8-7-6-2 for the better hand. Borisbäck earned $5,000 for his seventh place finish.

Thevoice72 would be the next to fall, doing so after the short stack Aftret took a good portion of his chips. Luvgamble called thevoice72’s all-in raise, but would then fold after the chip leader, SirWatts, made a large raise of his own. Thevoice72 drew one card with his 10-8-6-5-x but was already doomed as SirWatts held 8-7-5-3-2. Thevoice72 exited in sixth place, richer by $7,000.

Aftret’s rush would come to an end, and his chip stack began to slip. Afret would finally see the rest of his chips go into the center before the draw against luvgamble. Both players drew one card, and Aftret saw his hand doomed when the card made a pair while the king luvgamble drew kept his hand bad enough to win. Aftret would take home $9,000 for his fifth place finish.

Blute was fighting to survive with a short stack, but would lose the fight when he moved all-in against newhizzle. Blute drew one card while newhizzle stayed with his original five. Blute revealed 9-9-7-6-4 for a hope ruining pair while newhizzle showed his made hand of J-8-6-5-3. Blute’s fourth place finish would be rewarded with $13,000.

Luvgamble had a huge chip lead with three players remaining and was not afraid to push around newhizzle and SirWatts. Newhizzle finally had enough of the bullying and moved all-in. Luvgamble raised to force SirWatts out and newhizzle drew one card while luvgamble stood pat. Newhizzle’s hand fizzled when he drew a second 7 to finish with 9-8-7-7-5 although he would have been hard pressed to beat luvgamble’s 9-8-7-5-3. Newhizzle earned $21,000 for his third place finish.

Despite the huge chip disparity between the two competitors, the heads-up match between luvgamble and SirWatts would drag on until SirWatts got caught bluffing. In the final hand SirWatts moved all-in after drawing one card. Luvgamble had also drawn one card and immediately called the all-in, showing an excellent hand of 7-6-5-3-2 while SirWatts showed his bluff of 10-8-8-6-3.

Sir Watts would earn $30,000 for his runner-up performance while luvgamble captured the victor’s prize of $42,000 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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