WCOOP Event #27 $530 No Limit Holdem

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Event #27 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $530 No Limit Holdem Triple Shootout, an interesting variety of poker where the winner of each table advances to the next round of the tournament. 729 players entered the tournament, and in the end it was TheActionKid who would finish the action by capturing the WCOOP bracelet and the $76,545 first prize.

Tictac was the first to fall at the final table, doing so when all of his chips went all-in on the river of a board reading [6h][4h][2c][5d][6c] while holding pocket fours for a full house, fours full of sixes. However, his opponent, SgtKyle, showed [6d][4c] for a better full house, sixes full of fours. Tictac exited in ninth place, richer by $3,645.

WiscoMurray would fall at the hands of Bertrand Grospellier, the poker pro who is known online as ElkY. All of the money went in on a flop of [Jc][8c][6c]. The turn fell [4h] and the river fell [Js] to give WiscoMurray and his [As][Jh] a set of jacks. However, ElkY was holding pocket sixes for a full house. WiscoMurray would take home $6,561 for his eighth place finish.

Porcelet saw his stack severely crippled after he was forced to fold to TheActionKid’s all-in raise. He would soon fall at the hands of lipster99, doing so when his pocket sixes could not hold up against lipster99’s [As][Kc]. The board had rolled out [Kd][Qs][8h][2s][10d] to give lipster99 the pot with a pair of kings. Porcelet’s seventh place finish would be rewarded with $10,206.

After a long drought of eliminations, SgtKyle moved the tournament forward when he eliminated lipster99. lipster99 had moved all-in preflop with pocket nines and SgtKyle called with pocket sevens. However, the flop of [Qh][Js][7c] dropped a seven to give SgtKyle the advantage, which would not be relinquished on either the [8h] turn or the [2c] river. Lipster99 would collect $14,580 for finishing in sixth place.

ElkY would exit when his [Ad][Qs] could not survive a board which gave help to SgtKyle’s [Kc][Jh]. The flop fell [Ah][Qh][6h] to give ElkY two pair but also a flush draw to SgtKyle. The turn card of [6d] was no help to either player, but the [9h] on the river gave the flush to SgtKyle. ElkY exited in fifth place having earned $20,047.50.

On the very next hand, Jorj95 would fall in fourth place. Jorj95 pushed all-in with [5c][4c] and TheActionKid made the call with pocket sixes. No help came for Jorj95 on the board of [Qd][10c][2c][Ad][2h] and he collected $27,337.50 for his fourth place finish.

Rip_Cheese found his hand crippled after his two pair fell to a runner-runner flush and he would throw the remnants of his chip stack into the middle with [Kd][9c]. SgtKyle held [Qc][5h] and would find help as the board came down [Qh][10c][7c][4d][2h]. Rip_Cheese would take home $36,450 for his third place finish.

TheActionKid would fight hard despite the chip stack being so heavily in SgtKyle’s favor, and his determination was rewarded when he was finally able to wrest the chip lead away and take off from there. SgtKyle was a very short stack when he moved all-in with [As][Jd]. TheActionKid called with pocket eights and would flop his set as the flop fell [Ad][Qh][8h]. The turn card brought another queen, the [Qd], and the river would bring an unnecessary but very impressive [8c] to give TheActionKid quad eights to win the tournament.

SgtKyle earned $51,030 for his runner-up performance while TheActionKid would collect $76,545 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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