WCOOP Event #28 $530 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

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Event #28 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $530 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and 829 players signed up for the chance to win a WCOOP title, and incidentally, a lot of money. The tournament would last more than seventeen hours, when Big10 was crowned the champion.

Porcelet, who also made the final table in event #27, would be the first to leave the final table in event #28. Porcelet was all-in on the turn of a board reading [10h][9h][2c][5c] and was up against three opponents. The river card fell [Ks] and everyone checked to reach the showdown. Porcelet held a nut flush draw on the flop and a nut low draw on the turn, but after the blank on the river only held a pair of fives with his [Ah][5h][4h][3c]. Bonitaines had made two pair, nines and fives, with his [9s][7h][6d][5d] and took down the pot. Porcelet exited in ninth place and collected $5,803.

DrParkinson had been surviving thanks to some fortuitous river cards, but his luck would run out in a hand against lolovitch. DrParkinson was all-in on the flop of [3d][2h][2c] while holding [Ac][Kc][Qc][3h] for a pair of threes. Lolovitch showed [Jc][Js][6c][3s] for a better two pair and no help would come for DrParkinson on either the [10s] turn and the [6d] on the river. DrParkinson would take home $9,326.25 for his eighth place finish.

Fabsoul was sitting on a short stack, only three times the big blind, which forced him to make a move. As the game was limit Omaha fabsoul could not move in immediately, so instead he raised preflop. Both players checked the flop of [Jc][10h][2c] and after the turn fell [4d] fabsoul called all-in, feeling he couldn’t get away from the hand. Fabsoul showed [Ks][6d][3s][2h] for a pair of deuces, but had hope against the pair of tens held by hazardous88 and his [Ah][Qs][10d][8s]. The [Js] on the river was not one of the cards fabsoul needed, and so he was gone in seventh place, having earned $13,471.25.

Cpfactor would leave shortly after seeing his stack decimated by Big10. Cpfactor moved all-in after the flop fell [10h][9s][6h] and Big10 made the call, showing a pair of sixes with his [Kc][6s][5d][2h]. Cpfactor only held [Ad][7c][5c][3s] and would not improve as the turn fell [9d] and the river fell [10c]. Cpfactor collected $17,616.25 for his sixth place finish.

Hazardous88 would fall in fifth place after his nut low was trumped on the river. Hazardous88 was all-in on the turn of a board reading [Kc][7h][6d][8c] while holding [Ac][Jd][9s][2d] for the nut low. Bonitaines and lolovitch were still in the pot, but Bonitaines would fold to lolovitch’s river bet as the [Ah] fell as the final card. Lolovitch showed [Kh][10c][5s][4s] for an 8-high straight and the ace gave lolovitch the better low. Hazardous88’s fifth place finish would be rewarded with $21,761.25.

Bonitaines had been suffering from several hits and moved all of his chips into the middle after a flop of [Ks][Qc][5c]. Bonitaines received two callers in lolovitch and Big10, and after the turn fell [Jc] and the river fell [8d] Big10 forced lolovitch out and showed [Jh][10c][6c][3h] for a club flush, which handily defeated Bonitaines’ [Ah][Ad][Jd][9s]. Bonitaines would take home $31,087.50 for his fourth place finish.

Flk&nit would fall after heavy betting brought him all-in on the river with a huge pot in the center. The board had fallen [Qd][Jd][10s][7s][10d]. Big10 held a flush with his [8h][4h][4d][3d] while flk&nit only held two pair, queens and tens, with his [Ah][Qc][9c][9h]. flk&nit exited in third place, richer by $41,450.

Lolovitch fought his way back to even with Big10, bringing about talk of a deal. The two players agreed to a even split, paying out $61,801.87 to each one with $8,000.01 and a WCOOP bracelet going to the winner.

Heads-up play would continue from the deal with a wild match ensuing. Lolovitch and Big10 fought a long battle with chips flying back and forth. Big10 would finally take an advantage he would not relinquish, paving the way for the final hand. In the final hand lolovitch was all-in on the turn of a board reading [Qh][6c][3c][Qc]. Lolovitch held [Ac][10d][5c][4d] for an ace-high flush, but Big10 was holding a full house, sixes full of queens with his [Jh][8c][6h][6s]. Lolovitch needed a low card to survive, but instead the river was the [9d] and the tournament was over.

Lolovitch collected the agreed upon $61,801.87 for his runner-up performance while Big10 captured the victor’s prize of $69,801.88 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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