WCOOP Event #29 $530 No Limit Holdem With Rebuys

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Event #29 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $530 No Limit Holdem with Rebuys, and the 852 players who entered also forked over 1,011 rebuys and 658 add-ons to drive the prize pool to over one and a quarter million dollars. PiKappRaider would be the last man standing to collect the first prize of $211,133.76.

Roothlus would exit quickly after the start of the final table, doing so when he moved all-in with pocket jacks after being reraised by PiKappRaider. PiKappRaider made the call to show pocket queens, and after the board came down [As][7d][3d][4c][Ks] Roothlus was knocked out in sixth place, collecting $37,815.01.

Grunter321 would be the next to go, doing so after he pushed all-in with pocket jacks. AceOfSpade11 raised to force out the remaining players and showed his pocket kings. The board rolled out [10c][3d][2h][8d][Qh], which was absolutely no help to grunter321. Grunter321 exited in fifth place, richer by $56,722.51.

The theme of strong hands running into dominating ones continued when isuckoutonu moved all-in with [Ah][Qh] only to see DuckU show [Ad][Ks]. The flop of [7c][3h][2d] was no help for isuckoutonu, and neither was the turn of [6c] nor the river of [Ac]. Isuckoutonu would take home $81,932.51 for his fourth place finish.

Play was then paused as the three remaining players discussed the possibility of a deal, which was quickly quashed by DuckU. DuckU was holding onto the short stack but demanding a second place payout. Neither PiKappRaider nor AceOfSpade11 would acquiesce to this attempt at grand larceny, and play continued.

DuckU finished in second place in Event #5, but he would have to settle for a third place finish here in Event #29. DuckU would exit when he moved all-in with his pocket fives and found himself up against PiKappRaider’s pocket eights. The board was utterly unhelpful as it fell [Ad][6s][3c][Ks][10s] and DuckU was gone, earning $119,747.51 for his third place finish.

PiKappRaider had a 2:1 chip lead upon entering heads-up play and would use it to put pressure on AceOfSpade11 and slowly grind down his stack. AceofSpade11 would find himself all-in with [Jh][10h] on a flop of [Jd][9s][7c] and PiKappRaider called with [Js][9c] for two pair over AceofSpade11’s pair. The [5s] that landed on the turn was no help for AceofSpade11 and neither was the [As] on the river.

AceofSpade11 would collect $157,562.51 for his runner-up performance while PiKappRaider earned $211,133.76 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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