WCOOP Event #30 $1,050 Pot Limit Omaha

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Event #30 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $1,050 Pot Limit Omaha and 742 players paid to compete in the event and prove their skills at the game of Omaha. In the end it would be salamandra24 who would win the tournament and earn a WCOOP bracelet.

Stryoben33 was the short stack upon entering the final table and was the first to exit. Styroben33 shoved with [Kc][Kh][Qh][2d] and was up against the [8c][6h][4c][4s] of potstabber10. potstabber10 flopped a straight as it fell [9d][7d][5c] and would not make a comeback as the [10h] landed on the turn and the [7s] landed on the river. Stryoben33 collected $10,462.20 for his ninth place finish.

Skjervøy was the next to fall, doing so at the hands of DAVIDOXXX. Skjervøy was all-in on the flop of [Qh][6d][4d] while holding [Qs][10h][8c][5s] for top pair. DAVIDOXXX held [Ad][Qc][10s][6s] for two pair, which would improve to aces and queens after the [As] fell on the turn. The river of [3s] finished off the hand and Skjervøy exited in eighth place, richer by $16,695.

DAVIDOXXX would exit in seventh place after getting all of his chips in before the flop with a hand of [Ad][Kd][Jd][9s]. iggymcfly made the call with [Kh][Ks][5s][3d] and flopped a set as it fell [Kc][Qd][5d]. DAVIDOXXX wanted a diamond to make his flush, but neither the [Jh] on the turn nor the [4h] on the river were diamonds, and DAVIDOXXX could do nothing but collect the seventh place prize money of $24,115.

Tmay420 would see all of his chips go in after a flop of [Ad][9d][4h] when he check-raised u_dirty_dog only to get into a raising war that saw him go all-in. Tmay420 showed [As][Ac][Kc][8d] for a set of aces while u_dirty_dog held [Ah][Kh][9c][7c] for a pair of aces with king kicker. U_dirty-dog would hit a runner-runner flush as the [Qh][7h] fell on the turn and river. Tmay420 exited in sixth place having earned $31,535.

Phatman would leave after he went all-in on a flop of [Jh][10s][2d] with a hand of [Ah][Kd][Qs][Jd] for a pair of jacks. Iggymcfly showed [Ac][Jc][10c][5c] for two pair. Phatman could make a broadway straight with an ace, king, or queen, but would get none of them as the turn fell [5s] and the river fell [7h]. Phatman left in fifth place for a payday of $38,955.

Potstabber10 was holding [Ac][Ad][10c][7d] when he moved all-in on a flop of [5h][4c][3h]. iggymcfly called with [Qs][Js][8h][7h] for a number of draws. The turn card of [Kh] gave iggymcfly the flush and an irrelevant [4s] landed on the river. Potstabber10 would collect $55,650 for his fourth place finish.

With three players remaining talk turned to a potential deal. After some tough negotiating the players would agree to a deal that paid salamandra24 $87,291.28, iggymcfly $106,203.72, and u_dirty_dog $110,000. The winner would collect an additional $10,000 and the WCOOP bracelet.

Iggymcfly, who had insisted on a higher payout because he believed he had the edge in the tournament would be eliminated just a dozen hands after making the deal. After doubling up salamandra24, iggymcfly would move all-in before the flop with [As][Ac][Qc][4s] and was facing salamandra24’s [Kh][Kd][9d][8c]. A king fell on the flop to give salamandra24 the set and no help would come for iggymcfly, who exited in third place, taking home the $106,203.72 agreed to in the deal.

The chip stacks were nearly even when heads-up play began, and a long battle would ensure between the two competitors. Salamandra24 finally took the advantage for good after dealing a heavy blow to u_dirty_dog’s stack. In the final hand u_dirty_dog was all-in with his [9c][8s][4s][3s] against salamandra24’s [Ah][9h][9d][7d]. The flop fell [Ad][10c][4c] to give both players a pair, with salamandra24 holding the advantage. The [Js] would fall on the turn, and u_dirty_dog was down to one card. That card was an unhelpful [6c] and the tournament was over.

U_dirty_dog finished in second place and collected the $110,000 agreed to in the deal while slamandra24 collected the $10,000 set aside for the winner to bring his total to $97,291.28 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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