WCOOP Event #31 $1,050 Limit Holdem

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Event #31 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $1,050 Limit Holdem and 580 players signed up for a shot at grabbing a chunk of the $580,000 prize pool. Aasezz had put up a great fight to survive at the final table, and would gain momentum as he survived all the way to a first place finish. PokerStars was well represented in the money as Chris Moneymaker finished in third place for $5,220 and Vanessa Rousso finished in third place for $59,450.

The big guns were trotted out quickly at the final table. Action was capped preflop with four players in the hand and Brendol would flop a straight with his [Qs][Jd] on a board of [10d][9h][8h]. The heavy betting continued and Zak0707 would be eliminated in the hand while juuuiice found himself holding onto a much diminished stack. Zak0707 would take home $17,400 for his sixth place finish.

Juuuiice liked his hand when his [Ac][Js] hit top pair on a flop of [Jd][5s][3s]. The betting continued until juuuiice was all-in on the river. Aasezz had been holding [Qh][5h] and when a second five landed on the turn he made a set to take the lead. Juuuiice exited in fifth place, having earned $29,000.

Brendol had a dominating hand when he went all-in with [Ks][Jc] and saw Vanessa “LadyMaverick” Rousso holding [Kc][6d]. A king fell on the flop and another fell on the turn, but LadyMaverick hit a six on the river to make a full house and eliminate Brendol. Drood took the blame for the bad beat as he had said “nh” when the second king landed on the turn. Brendol was out in fourth place and collected $40,600.

Vanessa Rousso held the chip lead entering three-handed play but would see her stack disintegrate until she was the one facing elimination. With a dangerously low chip stack Rousso flung the rest of her chips in the middle with [5h][2d] and got a call from drood and his [Ac][8c]. Rousso flopped a pair of twos on the [10d][9s][2c] flop but drood came right back to make a pair of eights when the [8s] landed on the turn. The [4d] landed on the river and Vanessa Rousso was eliminated in third place, earning $59,450.

Aasezz had been trying to make a deal during three-handed play but both Rousso and drood said they were not willing to make a deal until heads-up play began. However, once heads-up play began neither player mentioned a deal, they were both playing for the win.

Aasezz began to dominate heads-up play as more and more chips started moving in his direction. In the final hand drood moved all-in preflop with [Jd][8s] and aasezz made the call with [10s][2s]. The flop of [7d][6s][5h] was good for druid, giving him an open-ended straight draw and keeping his jack-high in the lead. However, the [2h] on the turn gave aasezz a pair of deuces which would hold up as the river fell [Kc].

Drood would take home $80,040 for his runner-up performance while aasezz captured the victor’s prize of $107,300 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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