WCOOP Event #32 $10,300 HORSE

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Event #32 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $10,300 HORSE, an event sure to attract highly skilled players with large bankrolls. A total of 125 players entered the tournament to prove their poker aptitude and win a large amount of cash. In the end it would be DocHolatchya who would survive the gauntlet to capture the title.

The first elimination of the final table would not occur until more than an hour of play had passed. Then during a round of razz gipsy74 threw the rest of their chips into the middle with a holding of [9d][6s][4s]. DocHolatchya made the call with [5d][2d][As] and the two would see four more cards each. Gipsy74 hated their cards as they fell [6c][Ks][8h][6h] to form a final hand of K-9-8-6-4. DocHolatchya had better luck as his four cards were [5c][8c][4h][10s] for a final hand of 8-5-4-2-A. Gipsy74 exited in eighth place, richer by $38,750.

7CardRyon would fall in the same round of razz, finding himself all-in on fifth street holding [7d][2h][6c][4c][4d] and facing the [8d][3h][Ad][3c][7s] of DocHolatchya. 7CardRyon would finish with a 10-low as his hand finished [10d][Kc] while DocHolatchya caught a 6 to make an 8-low. 7CardRyon would collect $46,875 for his seventh place finish.

The game would switch to seven card stud and the table would soon after switch to a game that did not include djk123. djk123 moved all-in with [9s][5s][Js] and crazyjanie called with [Ah][Kh][Ks]. That was all crazyjanie would need as djk123’s hand would finish as an ace-high and djk123 was gone in sixth place, having earned $59,375.

Pumped4good would exit in fifth place during seven card stud, finding himself all-in on fifth street with [10d][10c][6d][2d][4h] against pycb’s [6h][8h][10h][Ah][5s]. Pycb would draw [9s][7d] to make a straight while pumped4good drew an unhelpful [Kh][Jc]. Pumped4good’s fifth place finish would be rewarded with an even $75,000.

The next elimination would occur during a holdem round. Pycb was all-in on the turn of a board reading [5c][5d][3d][As] and was holding [4h][4d] for two pair. However, Akkari was holding [Ad][Qc] for a better two pair which would improve on the [Qd] river. Pycb finished in fourth place and collected $112,500.

Crazyjanie would fall during Omaha Hi/Lo, holding [Jc][Js][6s][3h] and facing DocHolatchya’s [9s][6c][4h][2h]. The flop fell [7d][3d][2d] to give DocHolatchya a low hand, while the turn fell [Jd] to give crazyjanie a set. However, the [5c] on the river would give DocHolatchya a straight to take the high pot as well and knock out crazyjanie. Crazyjanie would take home $150,000 for finishing in third place.

Heads-up play would be a long drawn out battle between DocHolatchya and Team Poker Stars Member Andre Akkari. The tournament would end in a round of seven card stud after Akkari sent his last chips into the center on sixth street with a hand of [7c][7s][6h][2s][Ah][Js] for a pair of sevens, which were trailing DocHolatchya’s pair of kings, [Ks][10s][9s][8d][4h][Kd]. Akkari would see an unhelpful [4c] as his last card and the tournament was over.

Andre Akkari collected $200,000 for his runner-up performance while DocHolatchya snared $287,500 and a WCOOP bracelet.

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