WCOOP Event #6 $530 No Limit Holdem

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After a large player field made the event last more than twenty hours last year, Poker Stars made the decision to turn Event #6, the $530 No Limit Holdem Event of this year’s World Championship of Online Poker a two day event. The first day of play lasted for eleven hours, with 72 players surviving the gauntlet. In the end it would be Calvin32 who would walk away with the victory.

Papio Papio was the first player to be eliminated at the final table. Papio Papio shoved with their short stack while holding [Ah][6s], which held a slight lead over the [Kh][Qd] of cassie13. However, the flop would deliver two pair to cassie13 as it fell [Ks][Qh][8c]. After the [5h] fell on the turn and the [5d] fell on the river Papio Papio finished in ninth place, having earned $25,728.50.

Yo Burger was the next to fall after he moved all-in over the top of a raise from the chip leader, Solovka. Solovka called and showed pocket queens, while Yo Burger flipped up [Ad][10s]. The board would not bring any help for Yo Burger, as it ran out [Kc][4c][3d][6c][6d]. Yo Burger would earn $42,268.25 for their eighth place finish.

The next elimination would occur two hands later as randomcrayon moved all-in while holding [Kd][Qd] and facing the [Ah][5d] of Calvin32. The flop of [As][9d][2d] delivered a pair of aces to Calvin32, and was followed by a [5c] on the turn and a [Ks] on the river. Poker Stars would hand out $64,321.50 to randomcrayon for their seventh place finish.

After seeing a flop of [Qs][Js][8h] which gave their [Kc][Jc] a pair of jacks, DUBBZZ made his move for all his remaining chips. Solovka made the call with his pocket threes, but disaster would strike DUBBZZ as another three fell on the turn to give Solovka the winning set. DUBBZZ would earn $95,563 for their sixth place finish.

Solovka would not rest for long, soon finding another victim in cassie13. cassie13 moved all-in with [Ah][6d] but was dominated by the [Ad][8d] of Solovka. The board would bring no help for the beleaguered cassie13, as it read [10c][5c][5h][8s][9h]. cassie13 would be well rewarded for their fifth place finish with $132,318.

adonislee would be the next to go, falling to Calvin32 when he pushed with his [Ks][Jc] and found himself facing Calvin32’s pocket queens. The board came down [Ad][10h][6h][3s][3d] and adonislee left the table in fourth place, richer by $169,073.

Roland_NL moved all-in when he picked up pocket tens, but found himself facing Solovka’s pocket jacks. After the board ran out [Ks][7c][4s][4h][Qs] Roland_NL left in third place with $205,828.

Calvin32 was a big dog entering heads-up play, holding only 19.6 million chips to Solovka’s 53.8 million. Calvin32 would twice offer to make a deal with Solovka, who refused both times. Over the long and grueling heads-up battle the chip lead would switch hands several times until Calvin32 won a big hand to take their own commanding chip lead. In the final hand Solovka moved all-in with [Kd][Jc] and found Calvin32 making the call with [Qc][9h]. The flop of [9d][6d][6c] gave Calvin32 the lead which he would hold through the [8s] on the turn and the [5s] on the river. Solovka won $306,169.15 for their second place finish while Calvin32 earned the victor’s prize of $452,086.50.

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