WCOOP Event #7 $200 + $15 Pot Limit Omaha

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Event #7 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was $200 + $15 Pot Limit Omaha. The 2,457 players set a new record for participants in an online Omaha tournament, due largely to the popularity of the WCOOP. Mary717 plowed through the six player final table to capture the title.

A deal was discussed at the beginning of final table play but there were two who refused to go along with the deal and play continued. The first player to exit was the shortstack, bearbeer123, whose pocket 10s fell to rkuok who made a pair of kings on the turn. The sixth place finish was good enough to net bearbeer123 $12,481.56.

Rkruok, who was one of the two to oppose the proposed deal, was the next to fall. Rkruok held pocket aces but Mary717 would make two pair on the river to send Rkruok to the rail in fifth place.

The second of the two players who opposed the deal, HORERogHALM refused a second attempt at making a deal and would soon after fall in fourth place. HORERogHALM found himself facing Mary717 who slowplayed aces and took out the obstacle to the deal. HORERogHALM would take home $30,221.10 for fourth place instead of taking the $39,530 the proposed deal would have paid.

The three remaining players then agreed to a deal, which paid kev19 $49,861, mddgfc $50,301 and Mary717 $65,730. They would continue playing for the bracelet and the $6000 bonus to the first place finisher.

Mary717 would quickly destroy her two competitors. Kev19 moved all-in with [As][Ac][3c][3h] and faced off against Mary717’s [Kh][Kc][9h][5c]. Mary717 struck gold when the flop fell [9s][9c][4d] to give her a set of nines. The [9d] fell on the turn to give Mary717 quad nines and Kev19 was gone in third place.

Mary717 held a 5:1 chip leaded going into heads-up play, and mddgfc would soon move all-in while holding [Jd][10d][10s][9h]. Mary717 showed [Ah][Ad][Qs][10c] which would survive the board running out [Kd][Qc][Jh][5h][3s]. Mddgfc fell in second place while Mary717 would collect the bracelet and $6000 more to bring her total to $71,730.

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