WCOOP Event #8 $320 8-Game Mixed

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Event #8 of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker was a great challenge, as it was a $320 8-game mixed event. Every ten minutes the players would have to shift gears as they started playing a different version of poker. The eight games featured in the event were limit triple draw 2-7 lowball, limit holdem, limit omaha hi/lo, limit razz, limit stud, limit stud hi/lo, no limit holdem and pot limit omaha. After an up and down final table it would be Ulett_23 emerging as the victor.

Andrejkovics was the first to take his leave of the final table, doing so during 2-7 triple draw. Andrejkovics reraised before the first draw, where he drew one and osten drew two cards. Osten checked to Andrejkovics who moved the rest of his chips into the pot. In the end Andrejkovics had made a nine-low but was defeated by osten’s eight-low. Andrejkovics would take home $11,844 for his sixth place finish.

SC72A was the next to fall, doing so in the limit holdem phase. SC72A raised preflop after he picked up [Ah][4s] and found himself all-in after being reraised by Booster_JJ. Booster_JJ showed [Jh][5s] and made a pair of jacks on the flop of [Jc][6c][6h] to take the lead. SC72A needed an ace, which he would not see on the turn of the river. SC72A earned $17,766 after being eliminated in fifth place.

Osten pushed the rest of his small stack into the middle after being dealt a decent razz hand of 8-3-2. Osten held the lead against Seitz333’s K-4-2, but the remaining cards destroyed his hopes as he received 9-6-Q-K for a final hand of 9-8-6-3-2 while Seitz333 received 3-9-7-7 to make a slightly better 9-7-4-3-2. Osten exited in fourth place, richer by $23688.

Booster_JJ had gained momentum in the early stages of the final table, but found his momentum reversing when he found himself all-in while playing seven-card stud. Booster_JJ began the hand with split aces and would wind up with two pair, aces and sixes. Seitz333 held a pair of eights to begin the hand but would make aces and kings to eliminate Booster_JJ in third place. Booster_JJ was disappointed to be leaving, but not disappointed to have earned $30,456.

Seitz333 held the chip lead at the start of heads-up play, but Ulett_23 would make it a battle and the two engaged in a long duel with nearly even chip stacks. Unsure of how long the fight would go on, Seitz333 and Ulett_23 agreed to split the remaining prize money, with the winner receiving an additional $4000, so now second place paid $46,797.28 and first paid $50,797.28.

The final hand of the tournament would be 2-7 triple draw. Seitz333 was all-in before the first draw and ended the hand holding 10-9-8-7-3, which was not good enough to defeat the 8-7-6-3-2 of Ulett_23.

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