Yevgeniy Timoshenko Takes Down APT Macau

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257 players entered the APT Macau Main Event and in the end it would be the twenty year old Yevgeniy Timoshenko who would walk away as the victor with the grand prize of $500,000.

Final table play at APT Macau began with eight players remaining, and it would soon fall to seven as the short stack, Michael Pedley would quickly move all-in with pocket sixes. Quang Nguyen made the call with [Kc][Qc] and the two players went to the board. The flop fell [Jd][8c][5c], giving Nguyen a flush draw which would turn into the nut flush when the turn card fell [Ac]. Pedley was drawing dead, and after the [10s] fell on the river he began his trip to the exits, earning $26,250 for his eighth place finish.

Chong Wing Cheong would finish in seventh place after tangling with Timoshenko. Timoshenko began the hand by raising with [Ad][Qh] and Cheong called with his [Kd][Qc]. After a flop of [Ah][9c][6d] Cheong check-raised Timoshenko’s bet and Timoshenko responded by moving all-in. Cheong had no choice but to call and saw how dismal his future looked. After a lowly four fell on the turn there was no hope left for Cheong, who would earn $37,500 for his performance.

Quang Nguyen would be the next to fall before Timoshenko. Timoshenko and Nguyen saw a flop of [As][Qh][10h] and Nguyen called the Timoshenko bet before he check-raised Timoshenko all-in after the [5d] fell on the turn. Timoshenko called and turned up [Qs][10s] for two pair while Nguyen tabled [Ah][4h] for a pair of aces. The [7c] on the river was no help and Nguyen exited in sixth place, richer by $52,000.

Timoshenko would soon find another victim in Julio Diaz. There was a lot of action preflop as Timoshenko opened with a raise only to be reraised by Diaz. Timoshenko then pushed all-in and found his pocket sixes pitted against the [Ah][10c] of Diaz. No help came for Diaz as the board read [Kh][5d][3d][9h][Ks]. Diaz earned $67,500 for his fifth place finish.

Play slowed down for a while, but Timoshenko did not, as he would knock out Casey Kastle in fourth place. Timoshenko raised before the flop and called Kastle’s all-in with [Kc][3c]. Kastle held pocket tens which held up on the flop of [6d][5c][2s] and the turn of [5h]. However, the [Kh] fell on the river to give the pot to Timoshenko and the fourth place prize of $90,000 to Kastle.

On the very next hand Rober Karian moved all-in over a Timoshenko raise and received a very quick call from the rampaging American. Karian was in bad shape as his [Ad][9d] was dominated by Timoshenko’s [Ac][Jc]. The board would prove to be utterly unhelpful as it came [5s][4d][2d][7h][7s]. Karian left in third place having earned $126,000.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko would enter heads-up play with a 10-1 chip lead over Joon Hee Yeah. In the final hand Timoshenko picked up pocket queens and pushed all-in after Yeah reraised his original raise. Yeah was holding [Kd][Qd] and would need some help to survive. The flop provided some excitement as it came down [Ad][Jd][6c], giving Yeah a royal flush draw. The turn card fell [8h] and Yeah now needed a diamond, a ten, or a king to survive. Instead, the river card was the [3h].

Joon Hee Yeah earned $250,000 for his runner-up performance while Yevgeniy Timoshenko would take home the victor’s prize of $500,000.

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