Durrrr Unlucky On Record Night

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The online poker community has seen its fair share of monster pots that in most peoples eyes is more than what they could make in the next five years maybe ten. Whether you are someone that plays at the tables that see pots get this big or if you are an amateur that likes to sit in and watch, you definitely would have been amazed by the size of the pots that were being played the other night on Full Tilt Poker. Not once but four separate times Full Tilt Poker saw the record for biggest pot get broken. The one bad part that I have to say about this record night is that the famous and well respected professional online poker pro Tom “Durrrr” Dwan was on the losing end of three of these massively huge pots.

The night did start out very fast, yet it did start out good for Durrrr because on the first record breaking pot of the night Durrrr took down a $618,000 pot against fellow online pro LarsLuzak. The pot was made big when after the river LarsLuzak made a very brave all in raise when all he had was a broken straight draw and it would have worked if Durrrr did not have top two pair which gave him the win. Unfortunately this was just the beginning of the end for Durrrr.

Just shortly after Durrrr took down a pot worth $618,000 he then turned around and on a different table played raise/re-raise game with pro John Juanda and after the flop both players went all in. As it stood Durrrr was ahead after showing pocket ace’s and John Juanda showing pocket kings, but once the river was shown Durrrr was the player on the losing end of the stick when John Juanda spiked a king and took down a $678,000 pot which was the second record breaking pot of the night. At this time Durrrr lost the $309,000 he won from LarsLuznik and another $60,000 of his own money. That’s not it.

It was just over three minutes later when Durrrr was left with just about $2,000 on the table and well Phil Ivey decided that he wanted to get a record for himself. So it was Phil Ivey, Durrrr and again John Juanda going into the flop after Phil Ivey and John Juanda did some raising and re-raising and Durrrr deciding to put in his $2,000 for a chance to win a $6,000 side pot. After the flop Juanda bet and Ivey went all in which Juanda ended up calling Ivey who flipped over a set of ten’s with Juanda’s king high flush draw. Ivey ended up winning the hand to win $687,500 and get the third record pot of the night. Durrrr is now down $62,000 which I would suspect is not a lot to Durrrr but the night is not over.

After hours and hours of play it was then the last record hand of the night when fellow pro Urindanger wanted to go one up on Phil Ivey and unfortunately Durrrr was again involved. This time after another game of raise/re-raise preflop the flop was finally dealt and it was dealt blank. This meaning it was another game of raise/re-raise which ended with Urindanger going all in and Durrrr calling and flipping over pocket kings. This hand would have been good as long as Urindanger didn’t flip over pocket ace’s which he eventually did and the turn and river brought no help for Durrrr and his losing ways for the night. Urindanger took down a massive $724,000 pot which was the fourth record pot of the night and right now remains the record.

It was a tough night for Durrrr and after all four of these record breaking hands, Durrrr was down $424,000, which might not seem like a lot to Durrrr and probably isn’t, but to most aspiring poker players that is more than some would make five years. We are sorry Durrrr but for as skilled as you are we are confident you will recover from this night and put your own name in the positive side of the record books again.

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