Enter The Matrix

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There has been a new addition to the Full Tilt Poker lineup of famous sit-n-go’s and in order to win at these sit-n-go’s will take more skill then luck. These sit-n-go’s are so special that Full Tilt Poker has even given them a special name and they are called Matrix sit-n-go’s. The Matrix is unique in the way that it is just like a regular sit-n-go but it is also entirely different. The setup of the sit-n-go starts with the normal nine or six players that play at the table but instead of just one table all the players will play each other on four separate tables at the same time.

The Matrix will be available at all types of buy in level starting with the $1+.25 going all the way up to $2,100+$90 for all of you people with the big bankrolls. The payouts will be set up to pay a first, second and a third on each of the four tables. The main goal of the Matrix sit-n-go’s is to stay in as long as possible on each table because the longer you stay in the game on all four tables the more points you earn. You may ask what are the points for, well the Matrix sit-n-go will also have a prize pool that will pay a first, second and third place player with the most points and the way you earn the points is you get two points for every player that you knock out and one point for every player that gets knocked out. For example, player 1 puts player 2 all in and wins the pot so player 2 is knocked out of that table and in doing so player 1 gets two points for knocking a player out and then one point for having a player knocked out before him so he gets a total of three points.

The ultimate test with the Matrix sit-n-go is going have to be relying on your skill and hopefully winning all four tables and becoming the ultimate Matrix sit-n-go player while also make a good chunk of money. If you are so skilled to win all four tables and win the points prize pool you will be considered the Dominatrix of Matrix sit-n-go’s and you will be able to know that it was your skill that won those matches and not luck. So good luck to everyone and I will see you in the Matrix.

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