It’s a battle at the colosseum

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Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV has been known for hosting some of the worlds biggest events from concerts to fighting events. Well Caesars Palace will be hosting yet another event that will surely bring out the dog in everyone and its Caesars Palace’s second annual Mega Stack Series which last summer proved to be a very popular event.

The poker series will start on November 2nd and will last all the way through November 20th. That is 19 gruelling days of no-holds barred poker and players will not be holding back as it is expected to be a fine spectacle of skill, endurance and some fine crafted bluffs. The series will hold a variety of games but will be more heavy with NL Hold-em’ games. The buy-in’s for the series will range from $200 all the way up to $1,060 which will be the Mega Stack Series Championship which will start on November 18th. Satellites for the series will begin on November 1st and continue through the series.

Below is a list complete list of all events and cost of entry:

11/2 Noon $500+40 NLHE
11/3 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/4 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/4 3 PM $180+20 PLO
11/5 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/6 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/7 Noon $300+30 NLHE
11/8 Noon $300+30 NLHE
11/9 Noon $500+40 NLHE
11/10 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/11 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/11 3 PM $180+20 Omaha 8/B
11/12 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/13 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/14 Noon $300+30 NLHE
11/15 Noon $300+30 NLHE
11/16 Noon $500+40 NLHE
11/17 Noon $200+25 NLHE
11/18 Noon $1,000+60 Mega Stack Series Championship (NLHE)
11/19 2 PM — Mega Stack Series Championship Day 2
11/20 2 p.m — Mega Stack Series Championship Final Table

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