Caesars Palace Finds Hevad Khan Victorious

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Its the Caesars Palace Poker Classic NL Hold em’ Championship and the last hand was just dealt. The player that came out on top was the famously loud mouthed Hevad “Rain” Khan. This is Hevads second major tournament win (first one came at Foxwoods Poker Classic) and his second major tournament cash (received $108,000 for winning Foxwoods) since he finished 6th in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event.

The final day of play at the Caesars Palace Poker Classic NL Hold em’ Championship started with 19 players remaining out of the 311 originally registered at the start of the event. It was then just about 2 1/2 hours later when the field was cut down to the last 10 players. At this point Hevad Khan held the amazing chip lead with just over $8.6 million in chips. Hevads closest opponent in the chips held just $2.8 million in chips.

Once the final table began it took just over 6 hours of play to dwindle the field down to the last two players, Hevad Khan and Michael Kamran. The heads up match between them took nearly 3 hours of play before the last hand was dealt and Hevad Khan declared the winner.

LAST HAND: Hevad Khan is on the button and he decides to raise the action and Kamran who is big blind just calls. Flop comes out J(d)9(s)2(c). Action is up to Kamran who checks, which prompts Khan to bet. Decision is up to Kamran who decides to move all-in and after a moment or two, Hevad makes the call. Both players turn over their cards. Kamran shows K(d)10(h) for a gutshot straight draw and Khan turns over  J(c)6(h) for top pair. The turn is dealt 7(c) which gives Kamran a few more outs. Only thing is he couldn’t get catch his card when the river was dealt 10(d). That gave Hevad the win and the $1 million dollar first prize which now puts Hevads career tournament winnings now over $2 million. Great job “Bulldozer”.

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