davin77 Victorious in FTOPS X Event #1

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The time has come for another round of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, the tenth round since its inception. FTOPS X started with a $200 + $16 NL Holdem 6-Max tournament, hosted by Full Tilt Pro Mike Matusow, and Event #1 drew a playing field of 5,124 poker players, all eager to nab some of the $1,024,800 prize pool. After battling for eight and a half hours, six players remained to finish the fight at the final table.

The chip stacks at the start of final table play stood thus:

SisterSue056 – 7,882,905 chips

davin77 – 4,860,872 chips

smoothustler – 4,142,237 chips

FaGi – 3,815,010 chips

AlwaysTrustMe – 2,769,532 chips

Bog25 – 2,149,444 chips

The first victim of the final table was FaGi, who fell shortly after taking a hit from Bog25 that dropped his stack down to life support level. FaGi shoved his remaining chips into the middle with pocket twos and found two callers in Bog25 and davin77. The two checked the board down as it fell [Qd][9c][5d][9s][5s]. Bog25 held the winning hand with pocket sevens and FaGi was eliminated in sixth place, having earned $30,744.

AlwaysTrustMe was eliminated after making a most untrustworthy move. AlwaysTrustMe had pushed all-in from the small blind while holding [Kc][2c] and Bog25 called from the big blind with [As][10h]. The flop of [10s][7h][5h] gave Bog25 a pair of tens to improve his lead, and after the turn fell [4d] and the river fell [2h] AlwaysTrustMe was gone, collecting $45,091.20 for finishing in fifth place.

SisterSue056 fell in fourth place when their [Ks][8s] could not overcome the dominating [Kh][9d] of davin77. SisterSue056’s fourth place finish was good for a payday of $61,488.

Shortly after SisterSue056’s elimination smoothustler also fell to davin77. smoothustler had raised from the button only to be reraised all-in by davin77, who as the chip leader easily had smoothustler covered. Smoothustler showed pocket fours and was at a severe disadvantage against davin77’s pocket queens. The board did not deliver any help to the beleaguered smoothustler, as it rolled out [Ks][3c][2h][Ah][3s]. Smoothustler collected $83,213.76 after exiting in third place.

Now only two players remained, davin77 and Bog25. At the beginning of heads-up play davin77 held slightly over nineteen million chips while Bog25 held just over six and a quarter million chips. The heads-up match would come to an end when Bog25 opened a hand with a raise and called off the rest of their stack when davin77 raised all-in. The cards were flipped up to reveal two live hands, Bog25’s [Kh][Qc] against davin77’s [Ad][7s]. The flop of [Js][Jd][9h] was no help for Bog25, and neither was the [7c] turn or the [3s] river.

Bog25’s runner-up performance was rewarded with $119,901.60 and davin77 took the victor’s prize of $195,757 to conclude FTOPS X Event #1, $200 + $16 NL Holdem 6-Max.

If you are interested in playing in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series you can first look at our Full Tilt Poker review or go to Full Tilt Poker’s website and see for yourself what Full Tilt Poker has to offer.

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