FTOPS X Event #10 Mixed Play

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It’s now time to put a little mix into the Full Tilt Online Poker Series with Event #10, the mixed limit Hold Em’ event. This type of event is for the tournament players that don’t have their strength fall under just No-Limit Hold Em’ or Limit Hold Em’. This Full Tilt Online Poker Series actually saw a pretty good turnout with a total of 667 participants paying the $300+$22 entry fee. That being said with only 667 players signing up the guaranteed prize pool fell just short of it’s listed $250,000 guarantee. Even though half of the tournament was Limit poker, the action seen during the tournament was just amazing with the amount of five betting going on preflop on a constant basis. Also the action going on during the No-Limit portion of the tournament saw an extreme amount of action just as any No-Limit tourney would see.

When the final table began though play was not fast at all. In fact it could make event the most patient player fall asleep with the constant chip passing going on between all the players. When the field was finally cut down to the last two players it was “mrmudd76” and “–doney1965–” who stood tall above all the others that sat down at the final table. However in the end it was the skill of “mrmudd76” that took him to the win and the $57,500 fist place prize. Congrats “mrmudd76” it truly was an interesting final table and you outlasted them all and you deserved to come out on top.

Below is a complete list of all final table participants and their results.

1. MrMudd76 – $57,500
2. –DONEY1965– – $36,250
3. Hooligan Sponge – $26,875
5. swd805 – $15,625
6. Don_Timon – $11,250
7. tysonm – $7,500
8. AllAboutHonour – $5,850
9. roundhouse22 – $4,250

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