FTOPS X Event #12 6-max PLHE/PLO

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Whats better than playing Texas Hold Em’ or Pot-Limit Omaha? Well that question is easy to answer because its simple, the only ting better than playing Texas Hold Em’ or Pot-Limit Omaha is playing a tournament which allows you to use your skills in both games. That is where Full Tilt Poker comes in, because for their Full Tilt Online Poker Series they are offering a Pot-Limit Hold Em’ and Pot-Limit Omaha tournament for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #12. This Full Tilt Online Poker Series event has a $200+$16 entry fee and the good ting about this tournament is it had well over 900 participants decide to play which then made it possible for a $187,200 guaranteed prize pool. Out of that guaranteed prize pool a total of $39,967 would be awarded to the winner of the tournament.

Going into the final table it saw online poker player “hmiester” hold a 2/1 chip lead over the rest of the final table participants. The only problem was the player sitting second in chips “losebigpots” was not going to sit around and be run over. In fact “losebigpots” was the one running over all of the other final table participants. It was then finally down to heads up play between “losebigpots” who held over $3.1 million chips and “hmiester” who held just under $1.5 million in chips. The heads up match was not long but it also was not short because it took 35 hands to declare a champion and in the end it was “losebigpots” whose hand was raised victorious.

Below is a complete list of final table participants and their results.

1. losebigpots – $39,967.20
2. hmiester – $26,208
3. JonStephenson – $18,720
4. Biggest Donkey – $14,227.20
5. Transeporter – $10,108.80
6. satfat – $6,458.40

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