FTOPS X Event #2 Crowns Winner

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The book is now closed on FTOPS Event #1 and it is now on to FTOPS Event #2. The tournament is a Pot Limit Omaha Hi event with an added bonus, it is also a knockout tournament. What that means is if any player knocks another player out of the tournament then they will receive a small cash prize. The biggest news though is if a player is to knockout a Full Tilt pro, then that player could receive up to a $200 cash prize just for knocking a pro out of the tournament, its kinda of a little attraction tool to get new players to come and play in the tournaments. The buy-in for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #2 was $240+$16 with a guaranteed prize pool of $233,000, out of that prize pool the winner is guaranteed $51,260.

Well the final table was a battle of nine very skilled players and not one player gave up, making the final table a very good game to play in. However the player that was able to show the most skill and come out on top was the online player “Teamshizzz”. That being said, that means Teamshizzz receives the $51,260 pay day. With this win it gives Teamshizzz his biggest cash in any tournament he has ever played in.

Below is a list of all players involved in the final table and their results. Congrats to everyone that made it to the final table you all deserved to be there.

1) Teamshizzz – $51,260
2) Wes1279 – $32,620
3) Fbonacci – $23,591
4) xxd33pxx – $18,931
5) Shimony21 – $14,283
6) Why1 – $10,485
7) Gary Jones – $6,757
8) DSchec – $4,893
9) Knickadam55 – $3,495

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