FTOPS X Event #3 Results

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Wow the Full Tilt Online Poker Series tournaments are starting and ending like crazy now and if you blink just once you could miss out on playing in one yourself. The latest one to end is the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #3. This tournament had an up and coming popularity tournament which is the shootout style tournament. The shootout tournament is like a single table sit-and-go, but instead of playing one table then your done, you actually keep playing single table tournaments until you reach the final table. So the goal is to keep playing each table you are seated at and eventually you will reach the final table where you will then hopefully have the skill to win against all of the other great players you are seated with.

If you would really like to know what its like to play in a shootout style tournament, just ask online player mrvogt who actually just won the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #3 . This event had a popular turn out as it registered 729 players with a buy-in of $500+$35, which granted a $364,500 guaranteed prize pool. The tournament was not easy because mrvogt had to play every table as if it was the final table and that is not easy task. He constantly had to play a full table all the way down to heads up and that is no easy task for anyone’s game. But mrvogt was skillful enough to pull out the win and the $76,500 first place prize money. Congrats on your win mrvogt.

Below is a complete list of all final table participants and their results.

1) mrvogt -$76,545
2) runmowgli -$51,030
3) zman2224 -$36,450
4) misterliquor -$27,337
5) hockeymaniax -$20,047
6) bubbagump29 -$14,580
7) faborizer -$10,206
8) tiahuanico -$6,925
9) fromabove -$4,920

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