FTOPS X Event #4 Declares Winner

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Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #4 was no easy task for the 815 players that decided to register for the tournament. The reason being is because if a player gets knocked out early in the tournament they have the option to rebuy back into the tournament to take a second stab at the tournament. Here is the kicker though, the tournament had a buy-in of $300+$22, so if a player wanted to take another shot at the tournament they they would have to pay the entire $322 again. Another opportunity players had was at the first break in the tournament they could then pay another $322 to add on some more chips into their chip stack. During the tournament there were 558 rebuys and 538 add-ons which put the guaranteed prize pool at just under $600,000.

Going into the final table Full Tilt Poker pro Aaron Bartley held a gigantic chip lead over every other player, it was so big that he held a 3 to 1 lead over the player with the second most amount of chips. The only problem for Aaron was that the lead was not big enough and it would not last for him. The online player “grampajeff” who went into the final table closer to the bottom of the leader board than the top actually made a nice comeback to win the entire event. Full Tilt Poker pro Aaron Bartley took some big hits early in the game but with his experience he was still able to finish third in the event giving him a nice pay day.

Below is a complete listing of participants of the final table and the results of their finishes. Congrats to all players.

1) grampaJeff – $138,000
2) mightypirate – $87,000  
3) Aaron Bartley – $64,500
4) mrcall912 – $49,500
5) dbones6 – $37,500
6) djmanga – $27,000
7) darrenelias – $18,000
8) raidalot – $14,040
9) shakar513 – $10,200

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