FTOPS X Event #5 Limit Hold Em’

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There was almost 900 players that registered for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #5 which was a $200+$16 Limit Hold em’ tournament. The tournament was listed to have a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool, but with the large number of registered players the prize pool was elevated to a guaranteed level of $175,800 which would land the winner of the tournament over $37,000. Of course when you think of limit poker you most likely think that its a boring game because you don’t really have any all-in action going on, but take it from me that this game had so much action even though it was a limit hold em’ game.

I personally watched the event from the start of the final two tables remaining. Some information that I can give you is this tournament had a lot more action than some typical no limit hold em’ tables you would see. There was a lot of four and five betting going on and that was before and after the flop with multiple players being involved and not just heads up. The chip leader going into the final two tables was knocked out of the tournament on the final table bubble, thats how much action there was and players with big stacks not sitting around waiting for the smaller stacks to get knocked out just so they can get on the final table. When the final table though was set, two of the top three chip stacks were mostly dominating the table and it had to do a little with the fact that they were catching some good cards at the right moment. Those two players dominating actually made it to heads up play and they are kometen1 and tommy2tyme. In the end though tommy2tyme was able to bring home the win and the $37,000 pay day. Good job tommy2tyme.

Below is a list and results of all the players at the final table.

1) tommy2tyme – $37,533
2) kometen1 – $24,612
3) voguepergola – $17,580
4) jallajalla12 – $13,360
5) thankstwink – $9,493
6) torskii – $6,065

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