FTOPS X Event #8 $240+$16 6-Max

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It was the popular game of No-Limit Hold em’ during the popular Full Tilt Online Poker Series and it was also the popular 6-max tournament. With all these popular aspects coming together, there should be a huge turnout for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event #8. Well the answer is a big yes, because Event #8 saw a huge number of entrants which totalled 3,499 players paying a total of $240+$16 to play in the tournament, this bringing the guaranteed prize pool to $699,800. The reason for this enormous turnout is mainly due to it being a 6-max tournament, which means that only six players are allowed to sit at one table which basically forces the action at the tables since the blinds come around faster than at a normal nine player table.

The final table saw a lot of that action happening left and right moving at an accelerated speed. It did not take long though before the players started getting knocked out of the tournament one by one. The last player to get knocked out before the table was down to the last two remaining players was online player “fzth1” who actually went into the final table sitting in third position in chips, so it just seemed right that he finish third in the tournament. However the player that out lasted them all was “whatariver1” when he called his opponents all-in bet preflop with 9(s)10(h) and his opponent showing A(h)2(h). It was dealt 4(s)6(c)9(c)3(s)10(c) which gave “whatariver1” the winning hand of two pair and the monstrous first place prize money.

Below is the complete final table results for FTOPS X Event #8.

1) whatariver1 – $137,153
2) emansnrg – $86,075
3) fzth1 – $58,783
4) gogogivestack – $45,487
5) eddystoefs – $31,840
6) zapatero – $21,693

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