Introducing The Bluff Poker Tour

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The virtual tour is back once again after a two-year hiatus. The Bluff Poker Tour will be starting once again and the first tournament will begin on November 6th at the Pitbull Poker Website. The remaining tournaments will bounce between different online poker sites through the tournament. The sites which will be involved include PokerHost, Poker4ever, TruePoker, UlitmateGameRoom, StinkyFishPoker, SwankPoker, ReeferPoker, CellsinoPoker, RaiderPoker and PitbullPoker.

The cost of each tournament will be $10+$1 and it will never change throughout the tournament. Another added bonus though is if you knock out any of the Bluff Poker Tour pros, you will automatically gain entry into the Bluff Poker Tour Tournament of Champions. If you are asking yourself who are the Bluff Poker Tour pros they are TJ Cloutier, Amir Vahedi, Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Leigh and Tom McEvoy.

Throughout the tournament each player will earn points on how well they do in each tournament. At the end of the tour, the player with the most points will be unable to play in the Tournament of Champions. Instead they will play a best of three heads up match against the winner of the Tournament of Champions and the winner of this match will receive a $10,000 seat into the Sports Legends Challenge tournament.

If you are interested in playing in the Bluff Poker Tour or for a complete list of scheduled tournaments, please visit Good luck to everyone that decides to play in these wonderful tournaments.

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