Online Giant Sponsoring Television Giant

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Every poker company is seeing its fair share of financial hits due to the struggling worldwide financial crisis. We all know the World Poker Tour Enterprise is especially one of those companies seeing how they are having on going trouble with their NASDAQ listing. Fortunately where is a light at the end of the tunnel and the World Poker Tour Enterprise is inching closer and closer. Just the other day the World Poker Tour Enterprise announced it was signing on Full Tilt Poker as one of the main sponsors on its upcoming season of the World Poker Tour, which is set to air in the near future.

The deal that is in place will give Full Tilt Poker the exclusive sponsoring rights during all of the educations segments during each show. The deal is also set for all 26 episodes that will start to air shortly on World Poker Tours new television home Fox Sports Net. When the deal was announced, WPTE founder Steve Lipscomb went on record saying, “We are delighted to be in partnership with Full Tilt Poker and bring together two very strong brands with proven global reach and loyal network of poker fans. With WPT’s incredible brand value and TV distribution through FSN coupled with Full Tilt’s massive online following, this partnership opens more channels to reach new fans and continue feeding the appetite for new poker content.”

It is going to be very interesting to see whether or not Full Tilt Pokers presence will boost ratings and maybe just maybe help World Poker Tour Enterprise raise their NASDAQ listing. If that happens then we will see World Poker Tour Enterprise listed on NASDAQ for sometime now.

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