Online Poker Cheating to Air On 60 Minutes

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This news story that I am about to inform you on is for all types of people that are fascinated by the world of poker. It does not matter if you are the type of person that plays poker for a living or just for some recreational fun. It also does not matter if you are the type of person that just likes to watch poker on television, because the popular news show “60 MInutes” is going to air a segment on their popular show that will grab the attention of everyone involved somehow in the world of poker. What could be so important that “60 Minutes” has decided to do a segment on their show about poker? Well if you do not remember, the past year has been littered with news about how players were able to cheat on the online poker rooms of Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker and get away with almost $20 million in cash. This has then caught the attention of the popular show “60 Minutes” and they have been for the past couple of months investigating this matter and finally will air the segment on the November 30th show which airs on CBS at 7 p.m.

The one thing that has almost everyone in the poker industry holding their breathe is the fact that they do not know the extent that “60 MInutes” will take this and the outcome of it. What I mean is the news show did do their own investigating of the cheating scandal that happened at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker and well people in the poker industry do not know if “60 Minutes” will just report about the cheating that happened at the online poker rooms or if they will paint a picture that will basically make the entire poker world seem like the devil. If this happens then I am afraid that all of the work that has gone into making poker what it is today seem like just a waste of time. However one possibility that could come up is the segment could actually push forward the possibility of government regulation of online poker which would then make it legal once again in the United States.

We will all have to wait and see. I must say again though that everyone needs to tune in and watch this segment because it could potentially affect the future of the game. So everyone from the recreational poker fan all the way up to the poker professional needs to tune in on November 30th on CBS at 7 p.m.

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  1. Megan

    This segment should drive the US govt to get online poker licensing and regulations strictly lifted to help protect consumers.


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