New Fall PartyPoker Promotions

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Lets hear you say it, “I’m the king of the world”, sorry that wasn’t loud enough let me really hear you say it, “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!”. That’s better, now you wanna know what’s better than being king of the world, well that’s easy to answer as long as your a poker player. It’s being king of the table. Now I’m not going to have you yell again, but I am going to tell you about PartyPokers new promotion “King of the Table”.

PartyPoker has recently announced that starting November 1st, they will start running qualifiers for the “King of the Table” tournament which will be held on November 30th. If you are one of those players that doesn’t like to so called waste your time with small buy-in qualifiers, then you can just go ahead and pay the $640 entry fee. For the players that like to try and buy-in for as little as possible there will be qualifiers that will fit into everyone’s bankroll. Qualifiers will start out for as little as $1 entry fee.

The structure of the tournament is a regular No-Limit Texas Hold em’ event, with a $2 million guaranteed prize pool. PartyPoker has also said that during the tournament, they will be running a championship blind structure. I don’t exactly know what they mean by that but my guess would be the blinds will set up in a way that will maximize action. Good luck to everyone that decides to play in this tournament and if anyone cashes in the tournament we would love to hear about your experience here on

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