PokerStars Goes Italian

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This past week it was announced by PokerStars officials that the popular online poker website was going to launch The site is going to be a portal to the wonderful world of PokerStars and to everything it has to offer online poker players. That is true, it is going to offer more to online players, but here is the kicker, it is only going to be available to poker players within the borders of Italy. Now to all none Italian online poker players, do not worry the PokerStars site that you visit will not change in any way, is a site that is dedicated to Italian players.

PokerStars is extremely excited about this move especially since it is legal. Yes that is correct, legal. The only way this growth with PokerStars was made possible was because Italy’s Amministrazione Autonoma del Monopoli di Stato (AAMS) gave PokerStars an official license to offer poker to Italian online poker players. The license was granted on the basis that all Italian poker players could play real money but under the regulation of Italian Law.

Two of the biggest poker pros in Italy who have already been PokerStar pros for some time now are Dario Minieri and friend and fellow pro Luca Pagano. These two players are extremely excited themselves about this move, because now they believe with this new organization of poker, it will open up other countries eyes on how to keep poker fun, safe and especially LEGAL. It is also predicted by these pros that millions of Italian players will be attracted by this move and sign up within a year.

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