This One Is For All You Ladies

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So who says that women can’t play poker because I know for a fact they can after running into some women who have been some of my toughest competition while sitting at the poker table. Well a couple of ladies would like to see the number of female poker players grow tremendously but a lot of women are a little intimidated by the fact that poker is more predominately male. So then it was up to Lisa Adams and Lauren Failla to get involved and what they did to get involved was to form the Women’s Ultimate Poker Academy which is only available to women and no men are allowed.

The entire Women’s Ultimate Poker Academy is set up to help women learn the game of poker in the most comfortable state possible and that’s why it is a women only academy. These ladies will receive some of the best advice and the best coaching possible from some of the best females in the world of poker. The female poker players that will be giving some instructional advice and individual advice are three time bracelet winner Barbara Enright, JJ Lui, Susie Isaacs, Karina Jett and some other top female pros that are not named as of yet.

The launch of the Women’s Ultimate Poker Academy is set for Saturday December 13th when Barbara Enright will give a 3 hour session for free at the Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans. After their stop in New Orleans the Women’s Ultimate Poker Academy will not gather again until March 6 when they will have a two day academy which will cost all of the aspiring female poker players $1,295 and that entry will also include an entry into a tournament which will be held after the academy is over.

Right now there are no more dates that are currently scheduled but we will keep you informed whenever we find out more dates.

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