CEREUS Network Combines Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

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Tokwiro Enterprises has announced the founding of the CEREUS poker network, which combines its poker rooms Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet into a single entity. CEREUS has been in the works for more than a year and will move Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet in a new direction. The looks of the sites will not change much, as Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet will keep their unique skins and Ultimate Bet players will still receive loyalty points through the UB rewards program.

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet both suffered from cheating scandals occurring on their sites, 60 Minutes recently aired a segment on these poker scandals, and have a long way to repair their image in the poker world. The CEREUS network is one way for them to do this, especially with the CEREUS network’s emphasis on security.

In a question about security in the CEREUS FAQ, CEREUS says “The combination of a new technology platform and a new 24/7 security center brings players a watertight gaming experience. The number one priority for the development of the CEREUS poker network was to deliver state-of-the-art security. CEREUS boasts the new Security Center application that immediately detects abnormal winning statistics in real time. It is a major security achievement and gives the Absolute Poker poker room additional layers of security, allowing us to ensure fair play for everyone at the tables.”

The CEREUS network has also promised more players, more action, bigger bad beat jackpots, new features, stability & security, and rewards. CEREUS is fulfilling many of these promises simply by merging the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet player populations, as more players naturally leads to more money flying around a site.

By merging into the CEREUS network, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet may be able to finally put their worst days behind them. However, only time will tell.

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