Donkey Gear

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Just a week ago Phil Hellmuth launched his clothing line “Poker Brat Clothing Line” and I can bet that people wanted to be like the brat himself and wear his clothing line. Well now there is a new clothing line that has been launched and its making players want to be a donkey. That is right I said players are wanting to be a donkey with the new clothing line that was released.

The clothing line is called “Donkey Gear” and what they offer are t-shirts that if worn at the poker table while a player is playing, they are supposed to be able to get into the head of the other players at the table. You ask what could possibly get into the head of the other tables? Well when a player wears a shirt that says “I will call with any hand, for any reason, anytime, in any position, for any amount and I will probably win”. When you have a player wearing that t-shirt then there is nothing a player can do but let that in their head.

Below are some of the options that I have found to be the best, but if you would like to visit, then you can get a complete look at the entire line of Donkey t-shirts.

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