Its Down To The Wire

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You have to agree that the only thing that is better then a single tournament is watching to see what the outcome will be like in the years Player of the Year award race. Well this year is tighter then ever with only a couple hundred points if not less separating first and second in both the Player of the Year award and the Online Player of the Year award. We took a look at the Bluff Player Of The Year award race for both offline and online play and the race for title is most likely not gonna be settled until the date turns to 2009. You are probably asking what the standings look like right about now, well let me tell ya.

For the Online Player of the Year award you have Moorman1 who is in first place right now and you have PearlJammed who is in a very close second place. These two players have been fighting back and forth now for a while for that number one spot and have even been flip flopping the spot at number one a couple of times. Well right now as it stands only 261 points separates the two and that is only a tournament away from the number one spot being taken over by PearlJammed.

For the Player of the Year award which is for offline play you have John Phan who has been running extremely hot during the year 2008 by winning two World Series of Poker bracelets and even a World Poker Tour title during the Legends of Poker tournament in the middle of August. Right behind John Phan you have Bertrand Grospellier who has been trailing John for the longest time but it seems like when Bertrand needs points he finds them and John is finding it hard to finally put Bertrand in the clear so he can be named the clear winner for the 2008 Player of the Year.

It is a close race and one that I truly do suggest that you pay attention to because who knows you could learn some strategies from these players and you yourself could be in the hunt for either the Player of the Year award or the Online Player of the Year award.

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