FTP Holiday Promotion

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It has been announced that Full Tilt Poker will be offering a two chances for their loyal online players to win their share of $100,000. The style of the tournament is considered a Texas Hold Em’ freeroll but there is a small cost to enter into the tournament and that is 2,000 FTP points. You ask what are FTP points, well when you play in either a traditional real money ring game or a tournament you earn points while you are playing. The quickest way to earn points while you play is to play during Full Tilt Poker’s promotional periods when they offer “Happy Hour” which is just a time of day that will give you 2x FTP points and there are even sometimes during special times of the year when Full Tilt Poker will offer 3x points.

There will be two tournaments for players to try for their chance at $100,000 for each tournament so that really means Full Tilt Poker will be offering a total of $200,000. There will be three different ways that a player can do to gain entry into one of the tournaments and they are using 2,000 of your own FTP points and registering right in or a player can win their way into the tournament two different ways. A player can go through one of the many freerolls that are offered throughout the day or they may use anywhere from 50 to 300 FTP points and win their way in through a satellite.

The tournaments are scheduled for December 27 and December 28 mid-day and a maximum of 7,000 players will be allowed for each tournament which Full Tilt Poker expects each tournament to be completely full so I would suggest registering or winning your way into the tournament as soon as possible. Good Luck to everyone that decides to play in the tournaments and have a Happy Holidays.

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