Phil Hellmuth Launches Clothing Line

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Phil Hellmuth has one of the biggest if not the biggest ego in the sports world with his over the top entrances to the World Series of Poker and his verbal attacks on other players and himself. You can also add his attempts to make his name bigger then it already is when he put himself on millions of Milwaukee’s Best Light beer cans. Well you can add another business that Phil Hellmuth is going to try and take over and that is fashion. It was recently when Phil Hellmuth released his own clothing line which is respectably named “Poker Brat Clothing Line”.

For everyone that thinks that if they dress like Phil Hellmuth, they will be able to play as good as Phil Hellmuth then Poker Brat Clothing has got you covered and even the ladies as well. The apparel line will range from the popular “PH” flame t-shirt and the “PH” hat that you rarely see Phil Hellmuth without when he is playing poker. It also will be offering some Ed Hardy inspired t-shirts for men and for women.

For a preview of what will be offered on the Poker Brat Clothing Line you can visit or you can look below for a few samples of what is offered. Also just because you will look like Phil Hellmuth while playing poker, it probably will not help you beat Phil Hellmuth because you have to admit Phil Hellmuth is one of the greatest poker players ever to live.

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  1. martijn


    Wat een belabberde vertaling, beter niets als dit lijkt mij.

    Vriendelijke groet, Martijn

    ps. de anti spam quiz klopt ook niet


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