Update From Bellagio Five-Diamond Classic

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Its almost the end of the 2008 year of poker and the last major tournament to complete is the Bellagio Five-Diamond Poker Classic which consists of twelve preliminary events and then its capped off with the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Poker Classic which has a $15,000 buy-in. Well we are finally done with the twelve preliminary events and now it is time for the Doyle Brunson Poker Classic which is also the last stop for the World Poker Tour for 2008.

This year during the Bellagio Five-Diamond Poker Classic the tournament saw some pretty huge bad beats but at the same time they saw some pretty intelligent and well thought plays and the players that were able to show the most intelligence went on to finish very well in many of the tournaments.

Below we have a complete list of all the Bellagio Five-Diamond Poker Classic Events and who won those events. Also we have some notable finishes by the top pro of the tournament. Once the WPT Doyle Brunson Poker Classic is complete we will post results as soon as possible. The Doyle Brunson Poker Classic Starts on December 13.

Event 1
Winner: Craig Rudolph – $18,535
Notable: N/A

Event 2
Winner: Christopher Roat – $99,150
Notable: 2nd: Toto Leonidas – $73,650

Event 3
Winner: Joseph Phanhyaseng – $85,050
Notable: N/A

Event 4
Winner: Sorel Mizzi – $143,050
Notable: 5th: Brandon Cantu – $20,205

Event 5
Winner: Toto Leonidas – $171,835
Notable: N/A

Event 6
Winner: Sergey Rybachenko – $130,070
Notable: 9th: Allen Cunningham – $6,110

Event 7
Winner: Dutch Boyd – $162,605
Notable: N/A

Event 8
Winner: James Mackey – $207,305
Notable: 17th: Men Nguyen – $5,680

Event 9
Winner: Evgeny Serebryakov – $239,275
Notable: 3rd: Jimmy Fricke – $83,505

Event 10
Winner: Tim Bullard – $256,350
Notable: 6th: Michael Mizrachi – $32,465

Event 11
Winner: Humberto Brenes – $78,220
Notable: N/A

Event 12

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