Bodog Offers Instant Play

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logo_bodogFor everyone that is sitting at work or sitting at a friend’s house and is feeling the itch to play some poker but can’t download any poker rooms software to play well then the new Bodog is for you. It was just recently released but Bodog is now offering players the chance for instant play without the worry of having to download an application to their computer. Bodog is calling the new feature “Bodog Instant Play” and the biggest news is that the software is 100% compatible for all of the Mac users out there who have problems with the online poker rooms.

Even though the new option for all of the poker players is wonderful news and should push other top poker rooms to due the same, the software does have some draw backs to it. One of the main draw backs is each player is only going to be able to play on one table at a time and not play on multiple tables which is becoming more and more popular today. Also a slightly smaller draw back is the instant play feature is only available to cash games so that means that players will not be able to play any tournaments or players will not be able to play for free on the site.

The software is new and many upgrades will be coming to players as fast as they can so I predict that the one table feature will not last long at all. If you would like to sign up for a Bodog account then visit our Bodog poker room review.

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