New Dream Team Poker Event Scheduled

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dreamteamThe last time there was a team poker tournament event was in 2008 and it was put on by the company Dream Team Poker shortly after the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s new Poker Lounge in Las Vegas, NV. Well Dream Team Poker officials have come back with another tournament which is scheduled to take place March 27-29 at the world famous Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. The first Dream Team Poker event that was put on at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was unfortunetely not open to the public but after some thought was put into it Dream Team Poker officials have decided to make the team poker tournament event open to the public.

The team poker tournament event is set up as a normal tournament except for the fact that each player is part of a three player team and for the upcoming tournament each team will need to pay an entry fee of $1650 which equals to $550 per player. With each team buy-in though the team will receive a custom team jersey, a welcome gift and admission to a welcome party that is scheduled to take place the night before. The tournament however is set up to reward individual prizes for placement in the tournament but the biggest prize is going to be how each team finishes in the tournament. If you are wondering how they decide how your team does is easy to answer because which ever place each player finishes in then they receive there finish place as their score however only the top two players on each team have their scores count toward the points total and the only time the third players score comes into play is if there is a tie. So for example say player 1 finishes in 22nd place and player 2 & 3 finish in 8th & 1st, well then the team score would 9 points because player 1 had their score thrown out.

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