Poker After Dark Math Week

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pokerafterdarkIt is one of the most popular shows on late night television and this week they will be bringing the excitement back to the felt with this weeks show paying tribute to the math angle of poker. You ask how are the producers of Poker After Dark going to showcase the math portion of the game of poker, well why not invite six of the most brilliant minds in poker who have based their entire game for the mathematical angle of the game. The most exciting part is Harvard University is producing two of the players that will be playing.

The players that actually are going to be playing the six-max freeze out which holds a $20,000 buy-in for each player are the following. Famed poker book author David Skalansky, Bill Chen and Jimmy Warren head up the half that is not as well known as the other half. The other half of the table consists of three very well known players who actually are headlined by World Series of Poker Main Event champion and NBC Heads Up Champion Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, MIT and Harvard Graduate Andy Bloch and Harvard Professor and high stakes cash game player Brandon Adams.

This week on Poker After Dark is going to be full of well thought out plays and the down side of it all is viewers will not being seeing any of the over the top aggression that you normally see on any Poker After Dark production. Each hand is going to be thought out in every mathematical possibility so I see the tournament not seeing any eliminations until late in the match. However it should give viewers another piece of the game that they should pay attention to because it is proven that the math does play a huge part in the game of poker.

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