WPT LAPC Event Update

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wptThe Los Angeles Poker Classic is one of the most popular tournaments on the World Poker Tour and even in 2009 when the economy is horrible the LAPC was still a hot spot for the tournament players to hit and in fact tournaments were seeing record highs during the Los Angeles Poker Classic. Currently the Los Angeles Poker Classic’s Main Event is running and with 696 players deciding to pay the $10,000 only 20 players are remaining out of the starting field. Also with 20 players remaining there are still some big names that are left and one of them is even on top of the field. The player that is on top of them all and hopefully can run away with it all is none other then Chris “Jesus” Ferguson.

The tournament started on the 21st of February and due to the new structure that the new tournament director Matt Savage put in place the tournament saw a lot of action that could satisfy everyone. Even though there is only 20 players left you can still say that the tournament is still anyone’s game. The tournament chip leader who is Chris Ferguson is on top with $1.7 million and the nearest competitor is sitting with $1.4 million and the biggest concern to Chris is the fact that Nick Shulman is sitting with just over $850,000. Another fan favorite is Teddy “IceMan” Monroe who unfortunately is one of the short stacks with $230,000 but just like the “IceMan” would say he is the “King Of The Short Stack” so it is going to be real interesting to see how he can finish the tournament especially when the blind levels are at $6000/$12000 with a $2000 ante from each player.

Just to remind you that every one of the remaining 20 players are all fighting to make the final table but the spot that everyone really is fighting for is a spot on the television final table which only allows the top six finishers to be featured on. The Los Angeles Poker Classic Main Event only has just a couple of days left and when it does we will be one of the first to inform you on the action that took place at the final table and who one the event.

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