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uncle-sam-moneyMany of the online poker players don’t play online for a living.  They have jobs, pay taxes, and hate uncle Sam taking their hard earned money.  Although, this is the time of the year to bolster your bankroll, and take the next step into making your wage playing poker.

The refund especially helps the lower stakes players that need a little support in their games.  Typically, they are nailing and biting through micro stakes to only win minimal amounts.  Myself as a poker player, have done this every year I get my income tax back and it has allowed me to expand my poker prowess.

A rule of thumb I usually follow is putting 60% of my income tax into my online or live bankroll.  For some people this will only be five buy-ins, and others 50 buy-ins.  The reason for only 60% is because that most people would like to spend the money the government gives them back and I’m no different.

This isn’t going to say that you should move up in stakes, but to only help you out and allow you to become an active online player and not an online drone.

So if you are still waiting for your tax money, or already got it, put it into your account.  Breathe a little at your stakes you are playing, and spend that extra and reward yourself for being a part time poker player, full time working slave.

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